The House Of Amalek Reacts

Chaim writes:

To the changes in your web site First reaction – mazel tov. Who did this for you? It is orders of magnitude better than what you had, and does not look like the cookie cutter blogger crap you once tried out. This is a fully modern site, and seems even to include a comment feature (does it work?). Second reaction: Matt Drudge will be pissed, because of the hat. No matter – if anyone calls you on it, tell them that it is a bit of religious iconography, because in the modern orthodox communities to which you aspire to belong, such hats are the mark of the God-fearing Jew. Even the position of the hat above all of the text emphasizes the superior position of the All-Mighty above us all, and the All-Mighty is NOT Matt Drudge, let alone his lawyers. But the religiously illiterate might feel otherwise. There are some glitches here – some of the shading you use to signify quotes does not extend as far as the quotes themselves – but I really like this new look. A nice job. I will look some more later to see what else you’ve done here. The next step for you ought to be to buy a cheap web camera (but not too cheap!), turn your hovel into a television studio, and make news clips that you post to YouTube (no expense) or even to your own site.

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