LAT: Mormon Temple in West L.A. lets its landmark lawn turn brown

I think the Mormons might be an excellent example for minorities in Western lands.

Mormons don’t seem to inculcate hatred of outsiders into their in-group (though they do seem to exhibit contempt for ex-Mormons). Most strong in-group identities come with suspicion and contempt for outsiders. In other words, the more you feel Jewish, black, Muslim etc, the more likely you are to have suspicion and contempt for those outside your group.

I think every minority group should feel a strong incentive to show the wider society that they are a blessing to their host country. Instead, today, many strongly identifying minority groups such as Jews, blacks, Muslims, Chinese, etc, appear so strongly concerned with their own group’s welfare that they often seem as though they don’t care much about the well-being of their country (outside of what is good for their group).

LAT: “The browning lawn is part of an effort by church officials to save water, transforming one of West Los Angeles’ most visible landmarks into a stark symbol of how California’s drought is beginning to affect the landscape of Southern California and the behavior of its residents.”

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