The Jewish Genesis Of Feminism

Steve Sailer writes: A lot of the last half-century of feminism is, basically, Jewish women’s resentment of Jewish men for chasing shiksas, but projected outward so that dumb, guilt-prone gentiles feel responsible for, somehow, oppressing these rich but incensed New York women.

The Jewish community has time-tested methods for redirecting internal acrimony outward, and of discouraging apologetic outsiders from noticing what’s actually going on. So if Wendy Wasserstein is single and lonely because her brother Bruce’s high-powered colleagues won’t ask her out because they’ve got blonde girlfriends, well, that’s the fault of the traditional white male power structure and people in Peoria better feel guilty about it, even if they are not exactly sure what they did.

It was widely said back then that this landmark hit play meant that women would soon achieve equality in numbers among Broadway playwrights.

According to this new NYT article, that hasn’t come close to happening.

Obviously, a big reason there are so few successful women playwrights in New York theater 46 years into the Feminist Era is because it’s ever more increasingly an Old Boys (and their Young Boys) Club for gay men. Of course, how gay mafias dominate a lot of jobs that women would like to have and would be pretty good at (e.g., playwright or fashion designer, ) is another one of those topics that should only be discussed in terms of how people in Peoria should feel guilty about it.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* As I watch a crew of Mexicans scrape off my neighbor’s old roof and slather on hot tar I wonder, why no women in the roofing industry?

* Seriously, when are nice upper middle class women ever going to figure out that gay men have a deep contempt and loathing for them, that is women in general? The more gays get exposure as the center of attention of our entire public culture the less people actually know about them.

* When real life people are portrayed on stage, the actor version of themselves are always more handsome/prettier than the real person. But Wasserstein was an extreme. She was triple ugly. Not only did she have a face only a mother could love, but she was fat and she was naturally disheveled – she was the kind of person who you dress up and 20 minutes later her clothes were rumpled and there were food stains down the front. That she would have herself played on stage by skinny, beautiful, impeccably turned out blondes is hilarious.

* These days, being a playwright, a director, or even a record producer isn’t necessarily as actress-attracting as you might think. The guys with huge legions of devoted female fans (and interest from the hot actresses) are the actual celebrities who perform on screen or on the radio. The men behind the scenes are seen as boring suits. It’s the performers who get the glory and women.

If you ever look through the Instagram or Twitter feed of any of these guys, you’ll notice that female repliers have relatively subdued responses….. but if you look through the Twitter or Instagram feed of the actual performers, women are about as crazy and smitten as you’d expect.

Sure, a successful playwright or director can date or marry attractive actresses, but usually he needs to either shower the girl with money or advance her career. When women go with these guys, women do it for acquisitive purposes and often with a long-term goal in mind…… but when women go after regular celebrities, sometimes it’s due to acquisitive motives, but often it’s just for the sheer thrill of being with an alpha male and making your friends jealous. Suits get gold diggers, performers get groupies……

It’s sort of how like Team Owners (such as, to pick a random example, Donald Sterling) end up with gold digging prostitutes, but the actual players don’t need to pay to get women.

In modern day America, the mentality is that something doesn’t exist unless you see it on the screen or hear it on the radio. So behind the scenes guys just don’t have star power the way that performers do. A few women might still want to chase an entertainment exec to sleep her way into an important role, but they don’t go after them with the intent to show their wild oats.

If a heterosexual man really wants to land hot actresses, he should become an actor, singer, or pro athlete. Among young women, it’s amazing how much worship gets directed at these men .

For example, boy band singer Zayne Malik has 14.7 million twitter followers. His record producer and songwriter “Naughty Boy” (Shahid Khan) has only 260K followers, which is 1/55th as many . On Naughty Boy’s twitter feed, most of the fan comments are Malik-related.

Being a performer is the way to go for the heterosexual male.

* Some of you should write a play:

The Passion of Jason Richwine.

The Passion of Stephanie Grace.

The Passion of James Watson.

The Passion of John Derbyshire. (Scenario. Derbyshire finishes his piece on ‘the talk’. We imagine that Rich Lowry asks to meet him at a cafe or bar for discussion. Lowry intends to fire Derbyshire, and they have an intense conversation about race, truth, and etc. )

The Whores of Zion. (It would be about how GOP whores grovel before someone like Adelson).

The GOP Homos. (It would about some homo guy in the GOP working to soften American Conservatism to embrace ‘gay marriage’).

The Schwarz Project. (It would be about a bunch of Arabs who read Steven Pinker article in New Republic and hatch a plot to steal the sperm of high IQ Jews to impregnant Arab women with so that Arabs will have geniuses and eventually gain great wealth and power).

Let the Good Times Roll. (We imagine a scenario where Sailer accidentally bumps into Podherotz on a beach and they have a lively expletive-laden conservation on the Negroes of New Orleans. It could break the world record for the number of times ‘racist’ was repeated by a Jewish character.)

Haven Monahan, All American Rapist! (A play about college deans and FBI and CIA all getting together to discuss on how to catch this MOST WANTED creature.)

The Trial of George Zimmerman.

A Play about Victoria Nuland working to undermine Ukraine.

The Road to War. A Play about Bush and Neocons hatching a plot to invade Iraq.

Benghazi Blast. A play about how Obama, Hillary, and gang messed up Libya and the mess goes on and on.

* If you accept that (a) Jews of both sexes are physically less attractive on average than Nordic types by American beauty norms (looking at the Wasserstein family as a representative examples, by ANY norms) and (b) women are more motivated by whether a husband will be a “good provider” than by looks ( Bruce Wasserstein was no more handsome than his sister was pretty, but he had no problem attracting a succession of wives when Wendy couldn’t even land one husband despite her economic success) then you are going to end up with an asymmetrical outcome – toad like (but wealthy) Jewish men with beautiful women who are disproportionately non-Jewish and successful but ugly Jewish women with cats.

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