Steve Sailer: Will Africa’s Northern Sea be the Mediterranean or the Baltic?

LINK: Porter14159 tweets: Sobering to realize that decisions occurring right now will determine if Africa’s northern sea will be the Mediterranean or Baltic.

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* China is bullying its way into the Pacific theater. Africa will grow northward, and Asia will grow east and west. Europe, and its star child the Anglosphere will be overrun and squeezed out.

These truths are so certain you could bank on them and invest in their futures, if you cared to and if you had some unfortunate descendants you’d care to leave a pointless fortune to.

* If people want to get the point of view of the kind of Algerians and other Africans who settle in France they should check out a video at YouTube called: “Médine – I’m Migrant Don’t Panik (Official Video With English Subtitles) “. It’s 10mins long and full of all the resentments and sense of entitlement of that hip-hop demographic in France’s suburbs. The video is shot in Algeria and Mauritania so you get to see what their home countries look like.

This mini-documentary is made by Médine, the same Muslim rapper who released an anti-secularism, anti-assimilation video in France about a week before the Charlie Hebdo massacres. It’s called “Médine – Don’t Laïk (Official Clip)” and the pictures speak for themselves. Please note the numerous times the throat cutting gesture is made along the gesture of cutting off a thief’s hand. The pointing at the sky gesture is a salute to Allah, the one God.

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