The intense power of tribal truth

He may have intentionally done all of this in order to preempt moderation. We tell ourselves he lost as if he really intended it to be one round, as if this man thought he would win in one round. Did this guy really underestimate us? I think not, which means everything he did was to prepare for a later battle(s). What was his greatest difficulty? Getting the West as a whole to understand the alien, hostile elite. Therefore everything for the future was aimed at what? Getting the hostile elite to reveal themselves. And this is what he meant with his first and second question about the question of the hasid in Vienna: 1) Is this a Jew? 2) Is this a European? Those are the questions he seeks the goy to ask. He wanted to reveal the Jew as foreigner, to reveal the Jew as alien, to reveal the Jew as Jew. What better than a State of Israel for that, and a Holocaust to preempt the Jew from listening to opponents or moderate voices? The State of Israel reveals disparity in policy, self-righteous anger maintains disparity despite being visible for anyone to see. The few Jews who figure out the real “posthumous victory” are denounced as traitors, self-haters as opposed to being the moderates that we really are.

It took me a long time to get into his head enough to hear what he heard.

The intense power of tribal truth is unlike anything I experienced as a WASP.

When Abram smashed the idols, he had to get out of town fast.

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