Steve Sailer: Are Jews Part of the Sacralized Fringe or the Demonized Core?

Chaim Amalek writes: “This is a fast rising issue on the left. Maybe if we could identify their young leaders and send them all on an all expense paid trip to Israel, including a stay at a secular kibbutz, followed up with a quick visit to Egypt or Iraq, they’d be more apt to be friendly to Yidden.”

Steve Sailer writes: Ms. Horwitz is pro-Israel and the Students of Color Coalition is anti-Israel, so she failed to get the endorsement of this identity politics group due to a disagreement over issues.

The Students of Color Coalition’s high crime is, apparently, noticing that strongly Jewish-identified students, like Horwitz, tend to be anti-BDS. Moreover, there’s a lot of resentment on California campuses among non-Jewish student politicians that Jewish student politicians will go off campus to fundraise among Israeli-American millionaires in order to manipulate student elections…

The other hot button getting campus polititics so much national attention all of a sudden is increasing Jewish concern that the ascendant Of Color coalition of the Fringes won’t let Jews join in any reindeer games.

Ms. Horwitz is a little beige in color, so she makes a good test case. Her request for solidarity from the Students of Color Coalition was rejected, in part because she’s so pro-Israel.

The essential question may eventually turn out to be: Are Jews part of the sacralized Fringe or are they part of the demonized Core?

Maybe all this Fringe over Core propaganda will turn out in the long run not to be good for the Jews? Perhaps more centrist Jews will start to worry about this mindset they’ve nurtured?

Unfortunately, the more likely effect of these trends is for Jewish spokespersons to double down on sacralizing the Fringe, just while octupling up on their rightful place as the fringiest of the Fringe.


* Who will provide the leaders for the Of Color coalition if it excludes Jews as members?

* The Jewish strategy of playing both sides of the fence simultaneously basically worked when America was Wasp dominated.
Previously, they could claim to be both persecuted outsiders whilst being market dominant, in that the groups which they accused of persecution weren’t generally market-dominant, yet comprised the majority and could possibly ‘turn nasty’ if the circumstances aligned.
These days, that simply just doesn’t wash. The ‘minorities’ who are now, in fact, the majority don’t have an historic record of persecuting Jews or any ‘guilt’ on that part, they are ‘new skin’ in this game with no historical baggage. The dangeris that these groups, or rather their leadership, have the intelligence to pattern recognise and form political blocs.

* Political migration from fringe to core seems inevitable post-Hillary.

The anti-Israel stuff on college campuses isn’t anything new; the friction between Jewish and black Dems has been there for decades; what’s new is the Democratic Party is a lot fringier than it was ~20 years ago.

Win or lose, Hillary looks like the end of the line for all but the furthest left among white men, whether Jewish or not. Unlike in Obama’s case, NAMs won’t have to reach back to a white Dem POTUS’s admin for Washington hands – they’ll have Susan Rices and Valerie Jarretts.

NAMs will force all but the most self-abdignating core types out and, having already won the culture war, those exiled will have fewer qualms about joining the GOP. At that point, the GOP may finally turn against open borders for real.

* Suppose Zionism and Israel didn’t exist.

Jews could use diversity to divide-and-rule the gentiles, and that would be that.

But because the Israeli-Palestinian problem exists, Jews are in a bind because they appear right-wing and ‘racist’ over there.

Other than that, this ‘diversity’ thing is not about ‘people of color’ liking or not liking Jews.
It’s about people of color hating on white gentiles and people of color hating one another.
That way, even if diverse gentiles may not like Jews, they are divided among themselves and unable to unify against Jews.

BDS is an exception because the nature of Zionist imperialism is so strong and because Israel has become associated with the GOP.

If Jews solve the crisis in Israel, the BDS issue will fade.

If not, it will fester.

But apart from Israel’s occupation, there is nothing to bring non-white students together against Jews.

* Realistically, how will openly supporting BDS affect these college kids’ future job prospects? Can you foresee an outspoken network of BDS supporters rich enough to attract new members without dooming them to lifelong outsider status? Is there any prospect of a mainstream movie or tv show including a sympathetic character who supports BDS, anytime soon?

* Jews still look pretty white to everyone who isn’t white. They’ll view Jews as yet another type of white (in many cases, a particularly wealthy and hence odious type).

And ‘solve the crisis in Israel’? That’s not happening anytime soon.

Probably Israel will continue hemorrhaging support as America gets less white and eventually be forced to ‘integrate’ a la South Africa, after which the Palestinians will slowly kill or drive out the remaining Jews, and the Jewish state will end.

* It’ll be “fringe,” if it’s Jews both asking and answering. They benefit too much from promoting themselves as “fringe” to give it up (and some would say there is no Jewish identity in the West except as a fringe).

They may (continue to) inflate a “false core” politics that primarily serves Jewish interests (putting the ‘Judeo’ in front of ‘Christian,’ so to speak) while commandeering a system nothing but harmful to the dupes riding along with it. I.e., business as usual.

Jews don’t have the numbers to see themselves as a “core” ethnic-cultural-religious bloc anywhere in the USA, excepting possibly Greater New York City. Doing so across the USA itself would subsume them into Christian White America. They are, and they know they are, a (hostile) elite. So — If things start going agonizingly sour for the USA, the Jews will move on…to another host country. It’s a story we’ve seen before.

Defacto political-cultural alliance between Jews and East Asians for leadership of the USA or its successor states is another possible scenario. This is in the longer run, say in the latter half of the present century and into the 2100s. Dr. MacDonald posits such a future Jewish-EastAsian elite. Take Amy Chua’s daughters (her husband is a Jew). The daughters are hardcore Zionists and essentially Jewish racialists and nationalists despite their half-Chinese ancestry.

* The Jews have made alliances with various ‘minority’ groups for the purposes of advancing their own interests. But these groups also have interests of their own, and soon they wont need the Jews any more.

* Maybe students should stick to what they’re there for in the first place and that’s to learn their subject matter. People 18-22 are way too naive and inexperienced to know anything about politics; they haven’t been alive with an adult mentality long enough to know anything beyond feel-good slogans. Young people are easily misled. The destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa is a stain upon history; since it produced such great results let’s then repeat it over and over. Although Israel’s recent fascist-style punitive bombardment of Gaza antagonized many people the world over there’s also the fact that there’s nothing on the Arab side that one can identify with. The Arabs are not bearers of civilization, culture or science so siding with them against Israel makes no sense. Detaching from Israel might be best but siding with the retrograde Arabs against them would be a mistake. Besides, who is really behind this BDS movement?
Identity politics makes the color of your skin your uniform; it’s not the content of your character but the color of your skin that matters.

* Political correctness is just one group of white people demonizing another group of white people. When white people are a minority PC will be irrelevant and it will die. Whites, such as many Jewish people, who still cling to political correctness will be shouted down the loudest by non-whites who will be sick of their paternalism and will see how irrelevant they are.

* As a young Jew, I naturally have many young leftist Jewish friends. Most of them (around 70%) are casually leftist. For the most part, they neither care nor think about about politics, and would easily make the transition to the right if it became de-stigmatized and socially acceptable.

However, there is a fraction of leftist Jews who are intensely politically engaged. These Jews are usually the most intelligent ones (the top 10%). You simply cannot imagine how tenaciously they cling to leftist ideology. Its phenomenal. They embrace it with truly religious fervor. In their minds, being Jewish means holding the prescribed, ancestral leftists beliefs. When I gently inform them about the internal contradictions between their leftist ideology and their support of Israel, they go berserk. It triggers an intense emotion and visceral revulsion, defying any rational thought process.

They are not going to make the transition to the right without much pain and possible brain damage.

* Israel controls less territory than it did 50-odd years ago, holds much of the territory it does because Arab forces first tried to destroy it with a military invasion, and then a generation later decided to play chicken games with it. Israel has tried and failed to fob off much of what it currently holds on Arab authorities who do not want it except as a launch pad for…attacks on Israel. That’s ‘the nature’ of ‘Zionist imperialism’.

* One thing nobody here seems to realize is that many Jews believe being an outspoken minority is central to their identity itself.

Consider Jews’ sacred text, the Torah: Genesis establishes God’s pattern of dividing things (sacred from common, good from evil, this from that, etc.). Exodus through Deuteronomy iterates on this with God’s chosen nation. A reading of these books of the Torah makes the most sense if you look at it through the lens of “here is a bunch of stuff to make sure God’s chosen nation doesn’t blend in with anyone else.”

In the modern US, where the dominant paradigm is one of core vs. fringe, American Jews automatically figure “We must be fringe,” and internalize that as part of their identity.

* Are women meant to be mothers? Are men meant to be fathers? Yes.

After all, all girls are born to be daughters, and all boys are born to be sons.

Daughter or son, as child of mother and father, is meant to grow up to be mother or father to create more daughters and sons.

It’s a circle game and goes round and round.

But modern individualism makes us forget that.

And birth control cut off sex from its consequences, thereby making people see it as merely pleasurable activity(like taking drugs) than a pleasurable activity that has meaning in producing life and continuing one’s race.

Food hasn’t yet been cut from its consequences. If you eat too much, you get fat. If you eat too much sugar, you get diabetes. So, we eat for pleasure but also know we must control ourselves. We know food isn’t just for pleasure but for health.

But image if a some drug were invented where you could eat as much of anything you want but then be spared of its consequences. You can have two boxes of donuts, take the pill, and be perfectly healthy and gain no pounds. The meaning of food would be lost, and people would just pig out like loons.

That’s what has happened with sex when the consequences were nixed with birth control and antibiotics that zapped infections like Gonorrhea and Syphilis.
Now, these advances were good and welcome, but they did have a negative impact in de-meaning-izing sex. They saved our bodies but rotted our souls.

* On the one hand, Jews try to pass themselves off as genteel respectable Wasps…

On the other hand, Jews try to pass themselves off as victims of Wasps(especially at opportunity to play golf).

Jews seem to have been both shining and shitting on Waspness.

Waspness has been useful for Jews because of its reputation for honesty, diligence, and all the virtues associated with Northern European folks. I mean which people would you trust your money with? Northern European types…. or Greeks, Italians, Chinese, Mexicans, Negroes, Gypsies, Russians, Argentinians, Dotters, and etc?
I’d rather put my money in a Wasp bank. Of course, wasps were plenty sneaky and corrupt too, but it’s a matter of compare and contrast. They are still much better than most other groups.

German-American Jews were eager to merge with Wasp-ness. It had the right kind of reputation and image.
And Eastern-European Jews sought to do the same.

It’s true that Wasps had long favored their own. So, Wall Street banks and firms owned by wasps preferred to hire their own kind over other kinds even when the latter got better grades. Among the ‘others’, only the Jews mattered cuz they’re the only ones who really bested in wasp kids in grades and academics.
Even so, in terms of culture and values, if not ability and talent, the wasp culture was more honest and ethical than the Eastern-European-American Jewish culture.
While the wasp’s favoring of wasps over more talented Jews was unethical, the chances were that your average wasp was less likely to be a pathological liar and thief than some smart Jewish guy.
We would like to believe that ability and ethics go together, but it’s sometimes the case that the less able are more ethical while the more able are less ethical. Just look at smart Jews who run US foreign policy. Smart yes but what total liars and pathological sharks.

Anyway, since Wasps and Northern Europeans had developed a reputation around the world as the most honest and trustworthy, Jews sought to be associated with it. It’s like how Belfort named his company ‘Oakmont’ instead of ‘Assholopoulous’, ‘Sleazolini’, ‘Patel & Gupta’, ‘Tyrone Jackson Inc’, ‘Mapache & Gomez Funds’, ‘Wong and Wong Insurance’, ‘United Gypsy Investing’, ‘Tsarnaev Banking’, etc.

As Jews themselves didn’t have the finest reputation in the world in terms of trust, it was useful for Jews to associate themselves with Waspy names and brand. Though Jews have long had a reputation for brains, they were also renowned for the kinds of stuff George Soros pulls all the time. And then, there was Bernie Madoff. One might feel nervous investing in ‘Finkelschwarz & Kahanowicz Capital’. Not due to lack of ability — Madoff was no dummy — but the reputation of some Jews to play it like David Mamet characters.

When Jews were on the rise, they wanted to be seen as waspy, take on the waspy brand, and etc.
And yet, many Jews felt resentment because wasps had the better brand even though Jews had the better brains. Also, if the wasp brand were to maintain its reputation, there had to be certain restraints to greed. And overly ambitious Jews felt hampered and frustrated by that too.

So, guys like Belfort wanted to use the brand but run it totally ragged. But in doing so, the wasp brand became degraded by bad Jewish behavior. Indeed, whatever worth the Wasp brand once had has been tarnished ever since Jews appropriated it and associated it with mounting financial scandals since the late 80s, the really big one hitting in 2008.

But then, same thing happened to Wasp foreign policy brand. Sure, US foreign policy was always kinda dirty, but if we do comparison and contrast, it still looked better than those of most other nations. US seemed to give a fairer shake than Nazi Germany, imperial Japan, French Empire, Russian/Soviet empire, and etc.

Though Wasp-ruled US did favor Israel, Carter did try to reach out to all sides. And there were ‘Arabists’ like James Baker in the GOP who called for balance and fairness. So, US reputation had a certain cachet.
But then, Jews took over foreign policy and then the only kinds of gentiles allowed were toadies and whores. In time, US foreign policy became totally Judeo-Zio-centric, and its reputation has sunk all around the world. Not only has the reputation of Israel reached an all time low, but even Wasp-American reputation sunk with it as Wasps lost all self-confidence and decided merely to play whore to Jewish power.

Anyway, Jews seem to be somewhat schizo about Waspsness and ‘white privilege’.

On the one hand, despite all the crap that’s been said about ‘evil whites’, white gentiles(especially of Northern European extraction) are still the most trusted, admired, and envied people in the world. Ask any third worlder–even the most leftist and anti-white person–where he wants to emigrate to, and it’s some place like US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. They don’t want to emigrate to Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, China, India, Mexico, Peru, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Venezuela, etc.

Ask any leftist, even the most anti-white person, where he’d rather invest his money, and it’s some company run by northern european types than one run by Negroes, Mexers, dotters, Chinese, Russians, Iranians, etc. Okay, maybe Singaporeans. But other than that, they’d rather put their money with Wasps.

So, the Wasp brand is still better than most in the world. And because of its high value, even Jews want to association with it. But the more Jews exploit it for their own purposes, the Wasp brand goes down, but then so will all that is associated with it. If Jews ruin waspness, they won’t be able to hide behind it for cover.

But then, there is another group of Jews who go out of their way to openly smear, attack, and demean everything related or associated with ‘waspness’. We saw this in the media attack on Duke Lacrosse and UVA. We see it in so many movies where most of the eeeeeeeeeeeevil CEOs are waspy types.

So, on the one hand, Jews value and want to be associated with the clean Wasp brand, and on the other hand, they want to sully it as ‘racist’, ‘privileged’, ‘oppressive’, and ‘odious’ as much as possible. Something’s gotta give. You can’t have both.

It’s like expecting to be carried on a boat into which holes are drilled.

* First of all there was a lot of guilt felt by the Jews who were here before the Holocaust – in truth they did very little to rescue their brothers in Europe. There is the infamous tale of Jan Karski, smuggled out of wartime Poland by the Polish underground at incredible personal risk in order to inform the West of the Holocaust that was then in progress. He went to see Felix Frankfurter, who was then a Supreme Court Justice and the highest placed Jew in the American government and presented him will compelling evidence of the mass murders. Frankfurter told Karski to his face that he didn’t believe him – basically called him a liar. Really what he was saying was that he COULDN’T believe him because if he believed him he would have to confront Roosevelt over this, whereas Roosevelt (to the extent he palled around with a WASPified Jew such as Frankfurter at all) wanted the conversation kept light – they could talk about yachting or baseball while drinking martinis. If he believed him, he would have had to set himself on fire on the steps of the Capitol as a symbolic protest or something like that, and he didn’t want to have to do that. It was easier just to call Karski a liar and leave it at that.

Second, that guilt got displaced (in part correctly) on State Dept. WASP types. Supposedly when some (Canadian but it could just as well have been the US) government official was asked how many Jewish refugees they should take, his reply was “one is too many”.

So, America, if you will, this is the Jew’s revenge on you. You could have had 6 million Ashkenazis but you said no and they were consigned to the ashes, so now you will have 60 million Zapotecs and the Jews will sympathize with the immigrants and not with you.

* Let’s just say it’s a big world out there and there are a lot of groups who are less dissimilar to Jews than are, say, the Chinese. Person for person, these groups may not be as good at verbal complaint as Jews, but there are hundreds of millions of them, so their elites are going to get pretty good at it over the next generation.

* American Jews _loved_ the idea of importing blacks claiming to be Jews into Israel.

Israeli Jews, not so much …

* [Re: Amy Chua’s daughter]: The pattern is clear from a review of the Twitter feed. Consider a few more, and also look at the blog kept by one of the girls (one recent post discusses her strong Jewish identity).

1. Here is another one from Twitter from 2013:

More reasons why media simply denouncing Morsi overthrow as coup is sloppy: “Israel urges US not to freeze Egypt aid”

She thinks when Israel says “jump”, the USA should say “How High?” From this, Jewish Zionist nationalism can be inferred.

2. Here she is retweeting something from the IDF. It shows she follows IDF twitter accounts; again, showing a strong not just Jewish identity but Jewish nationalism. (She has never been an Israeli and likely never will be.)

3. To those who say “Lots of gentile Americans support Israel and the IDF, but…”, consider the ideological juxtaposition of #1 above with this: “How to quickly piss off an rotc cadet: take down her American flag and replace it with your party decorations” (April 20, 2015)

4. Another retweet of an assertion that a “War on Hannukah” exists.

5. And then this:

i feel conflicted when i see hot blondes getting hw help from nerdy jewish guys. sad genepool will be polluted but happy my ppl will survive

This is an amazing comment. Although a joke, it does seem to be meant seriously (not “trolling”). It says several things, (1) “My genepool” clearly here means Jews, (2) This is classic “Shiksa” commentary from a Jewish woman’s perspective, (3) An assertion of Jewish superiority in math over “blondes” (which, whether true or not, her assertion of it is an expression of Jewish pride).

Anyway…you can believe these are selective and unrepresentative, but they are not. I invite you to go to the Twitter account and have a look. Interestingly, you will find little about Chinese or Asians. Almost the only thing about Chinese matters she ever tweeted is this from one Christmas, which is actually more Jewish-related than Chinese!

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