Hitting Detroit Street For Halloween

It’s often called "rebbe row" or "the holiest street in Los Angeles" because so many rabbis live there.

My friend calls with his Halloween plans: "I’ll go as Hasid on Friday night. Black coat, tallis, false beard.  I’ll carry a pillow case and go, ‘Do you have any Broxx candy corn?’

"I’ll go as Jesus doing the stations of the cross. I’ll carry a cross. I’ll have two black guys dressed as Roman centurions. Just in Orthodox neighborhoods. ‘Trick or treat?’

"Once they put the candy in the bag, I’ll say, ‘You’ll enjoy everlasting life.’

"Homes that don’t have any candy, I’ll say, ‘Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.’"

Des emails: “….Given your vast experience stuffing your gob with sweets, how is it that you reference “Broxx” candy corn? Is that anything like Brach’s candy corn? I’ve always avoided processed foods and candies, but even I am familiar with a famous brand-name like Brach’s. You’re a fair-dinkum idiot, son. I should have smothered you with a pillow when you were a child. And if I find out you’re sill eating candy, I’ll track you down.”

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