Dennis Prager Still Loves Sarah Palin

He says on his radio show today: "She has been mauled by the media. She’s the anti-thing that they love. She’s the anti-media, the opposite of what they adore. Her origins are humble. She’s religious.

"The criticism of Sarah Palin I find most incredible is that she went to four colleges. It gives you an idea of the socio-economic bias of those on Left. That she worked her way through college and would therefore go to the cheapest she could find, instead of holding wow what character, she pulled herself up by her bootstraps, people who pull themselves up by their bootstraps are not admired by the Left."

"We’ve hit Syria. We should have some Hallelujah music. This vile regime…that blows up fellow Muslims."

"There was no way to anticipate this form of insurrection [in Iraq]. Where you attack a country and instead of attacking you, they blow up their own people. I don’t know where that happened. We attacked Nazi Germany as we should have. The Nazis didn’t blow up Germans. And they are the quintessence of evil. These are monsters. And a lot of them came in from Syria."

Dennis says the two finest editorial pages are Investors Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal.

Prager read out this WSJ editorial:

After five years and six months during which Syria has been an active accomplice to the insurgency in Iraq, the U.S. has finally struck back. Historians will be left to ponder how the course of the Iraq war might have changed if President Bush had acted sooner.

U.S. military sources are confirming that on Sunday U.S. special forces raided a location in eastern Syria that was being used by a network of Syrian military officials and al Qaeda-connected groups to smuggle foreign jihadists into Iraq. The Syrians, predictably, denounced the raid as "an outrageous crime" and an "unprovoked" attack on a "sovereign country."

The Syrians have an interesting definition of unprovoked and a curious notion of sovereignty. Even before U.S. troops took Baghdad, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld explicitly warned that Syria was shipping military equipment to help Saddam Hussein, including night-vision goggles and antitank weapons. Only days after Baghdad fell, Mr. Bush warned Damascus against becoming a safe haven for top Iraqi Baathist officials.

…There’s a lesson in these Bush Administration mistakes for the next President, particularly if he is Barack Obama. The Syrians interpreted diplomatic accommodation in the face of their anti-American acts as a sign of weakness to exploit. Mr. Obama has promised he’ll engage Syria diplomatically as part of an overall effort to end the conflict in Iraq. If he really wants to end the war faster, he’ll pick up on Syria where the Bush Administration has now ended.

Dennis Prager then reads the WSJ editorial against Alaskan Republican senator Ted Stevens:

One of the Senate’s most ardent and unapologetic spenders and earmarkers, Mr. Stevens helped cost the GOP control of Congress in 2006 after public exposure of Congress’s increasingly absurdist pork-barrel projects. An irony of this conviction is that the media types who will be dumping shame on Senator Stevens’s ethics are the same ones mocking Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who has done as much or more than any official to fight the Stevens culture of public-sector fat cats. Perhaps that is her real offense.

Facing Alaska’s voters only days after this conviction, Senator Stevens almost surely will now cost his party a Senate seat in a year when it desperately needs it to preserve the power to filibuster next year. Especially at age 84, he could have resigned his seat on indictment and let another Republican win it, but his politics has always been essentially about himself.

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