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Blog by a fat white woman:

I can’t go to Walmart without getting approached by at least 5 black men. I see some beautiful black women, Latina, Asian, banging bodies, cuter faces and they don’t get approached. But I get approached.

“Just because a white girl has a big ass doesn’t mean she wants to take car[e] of you or that she wants to sleep with you. There are a lot of white women that are allowing this. Stop doing that sh*t.


* Don’t hyenas usually go after the easy pickings in any herd?

* We shouldn’t laugh about blacks enabling bad white women’s qualities.

* How many of the white women are of obvious Italian ancestry? They seem to have a certain tendency to go for mystery meat.

* In more ghetto trashy stores you’ll notice ugly white girls with blacks. Same with fat uglier Mexican girls with blacks. Funny. But I’ll concede, in upper middle class areas, you’ll see 7-8s with blacks and Mexicans, but never 10s.


* Given female propensity for adhering (at least on surface) to the dominant groupthink, and that musharking is being pushed as “good” by MSM and approved culture, the real percentage of white women salivating over muhdik is actually LOWER than the 8.4% in the sample.

* Walk down the street in Watts or Anacostia as a white guy with a black girl and see how far you get before the Brothers police your activity. It’s instinctive to want to protect one’s womenfolk from outside plunder.

* Likewise Asian men hate it.

I finally figured out why my Asian girlfriend couldn’t keep a job.

Every time I showed up where she worked she got fired.

* My own observations from da club scene indicate that there be quite a few white wimmins in the 5-8 range receptive of da black dong. Some were low value wimmins happy to have game spat at dem and some appeared decent who accepted spittle only from da homies who were booted ‘n suited, stylin’ n’ profilin’. Very rarely did I see anything over an 8 in the 20-25 range let alone a young, bonerfide dime accept game from the darker persuasion. Perhaps subconsciously they knew it would adversely affect the attention they could otherwise generate from higher value whitey’s?

* Perhaps, but the most likely scenario is America will look like Brazil which is problematic in itself but not the Black Orc Horde Apocalypse that should be feared.

It is telling that Whites in Latin America, especially Argentina(think Valeria Mazza), Chile(Pia Loyola Miller), Uruguay, and southern Brazil(Mostly Spanish/Italian/German/French/Portuguese stock for all those countries) segregate themselves from the more freaky race-mixing going on in Brazil between Orc-Blacks and the Native Indians. In places like Peru & Ecuador you have a clear segregation between the Euro ruling class, then the meztizo’s, and then pure blooded Indian natives near the bottom but still above Orc-Blacks. That dynamic usually plays out in a lot of Latin America countries, most notably when a sizable population of blacks are in that nation like Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia. In those few places where there is a significant population of Asians like Brazil and Peru Asians either self segregate or mix with European ruling elite cf President Alberto Fujimori of Peru.

That’s why I think race mixing between American Whites and Latina’s(they’re mostly Euro-Meztizo mixed already) and Asians isn’t going to be hugely problematic(although Latino revanchism cf La Raza/MeCha/et al. could change that) for America while any mating with Orc-Blacks on any level is almost always problematic.

In a way I could see a dynamic similar to Latin America emerging in America where some Whites, Latino’s, and Asians inter-marry to create a relatively stable society between these groups over time while Orc Horde Blacks and their Half-Orc mulatto spawn remain at the bottom of the social hierarchy. A few mulatto’s might mix into the larger population(cf Afro-Cuban Rosario Dawson and Stacey Dash come to mind) through their own skill and luck and there might be some groups of upper class Blacks(lighter skinned as well) but by and large it will be the Whites/Latinos/Asians who run things in America’s future.

Also, the silver lining to Latina’s and Asians is that they are overwhelmingly not Muslim and largely Christian and Buddhist. Both groups to varying degrees have an ethos that allows for values like hard work, compassion, and mercy. That’s fairly manageable for Americans. The real danger is in Obama importing millions and millions of Muslims whose culture is at compete odds with the culture of Americans. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself where are the war brides from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia where US soldiers have been stationed? Damn few, especially in comparison to previous wars and overseas bases which have seen Americans bring back the local girls in great numbers from Japan, England, Germany, Italy, France, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Hell, I think American and European soldiers have brought back more dogs from Afghanistan & Iraq than Muslim women.

That should tell you everything you need to know about the differences between American and Islamic cultures….

As for America, the problem has and always will be the Orc Horde Blacks. I’m more convinced than ever American Blacks will never be happy in America until Whites are either enslaved or ethnically cleansed from America a la Whites in Zimbabwe. The only place Blacks seem happy is Africa which is why they go to such lengths to recreate little Africa’s across America like Detroit, Compton, Oakland, Chicago, and Ferguson.

* Of course a small number of white women “willingly” date black men, but their “will” is wholly deformed.

No normal, healthy white women, from original mother and father, dates blacks.

It is an abnormal behavior that is the expression of her damaged past in the same way a stripper’s occupation is an expression of her’s.

The causes for the abnormal psychology are multivariate, but the two primary variables are the tripping of her attraction mechanisms via anti-nature TV programming and weak or non existing fathering.

* Whites are the most socially aware race. They value the opinions of those of their in-group or tribe more than any other race. So if a white girl dates a black guy at the dismay of her family and friends, she will be cut off from her family and ostracized from her friends, in theory of course. Everyone who knows her or knows of her will know of her terrible secret and the shame and ridicule of that secret would be too much to bear. It’s an adaptive evolutionary trait for survival amongst multiple groups (races). Only when different races are in the vicinity do white men vehemently defend white woman and will disown any white women who violates her race. For a white woman to leave the white man would be a stupid mistake, considering she would lose her social status, wealth, and most of all reputation which the woman would do anything to make her look like the pure, innocent, white angel ideal she was reared to live up to. Same with white men. What white guy wants to be known for sexing sheboons? The jokes would never cease, and the “eew” look from pretty doe eyed white girls is too high a price.

As a black man those numbers are humiliating but I have never had problems dating non-blacks. You get the bullsh*t lines, the shit test that could be motivated by ethnic prejudice or racial bias but handle them like any other sh*t test and she then realizes you have some intelligence and some balls, not just another D’Quattroprius asking Where da white wimmin at? The secret to white women or any woman considered elite is to be better than competition. Have more confidence than the men of their race, show that you are not afraid of the men of her race. if they are materialistic and money conscious make more money than the competition. Just try be better than the alphas of her race so the only doubt she has is your not of her race. Obviously I have been rejected from women of all races and some might have genuinely not been attracted to me or have a racial preference, I would never know and that is fine. All is fair, I’m no cry baby.

Me personally I will marry and pro create with a black woman, preferably with European admixture considering I am 77% SS African, 21% Germanic/teutonic, and 1.8% Amerindian. I will have bestial fun with all the other races.

* Black men don’t prefer sex with white women just as a revenge for slavery, although it is probably a minor sexual component for them. To be more raw and specific, black men prefer sex with white women as they perceive it as more sexually degrading for the white woman and that is a sexual turnon for black men. Actually, that is a turnon for most men if they would admit it. We are talking about sex here, not “making love”. It is also a turn on for white women for the same reason. Even though the white woman may be the most politically correct female on the planet, she can still “feel” sexually degraded by having sex with a black male. It doesn’t have to be rational to be a sexual turnon. What you believe in mentally and what you get off on sexually can be worlds apart. Why do you think so many male and female CEO’s of major companies are seriously sexually submissive while the lowly government clerk may be the Alpha man in some kinky B&D / S&M group? Seeker of Unpleasant Truths hit on it when he pointed out that a lot of white women wouldn’t consider marrying or maybe even dating a black male but enjoy sex with the almost exclusively. Black men can get off on the feeling of sexually degrading white women without actually having to admit that is what turns them on. Even more importantly, white women having sex with black men, can get off on the feeling of being sexually used and degraded without having to admit that being sexually used and degraded turns them on.

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