Can Suicide Be The Right Choice?

If someone is miserable every minute of their life, is snuffing it a bad idea?

I caught a drasha on Simchat Torah that said the best antidote to despair and suicide was Torah.

One bloke got so upset with this argument that he walked out.

What about people with such deep problems that nobody likes them and they have no meaningful ties and every moment of their life is a misery? With such deep despair, perhaps suicide is the way to go?

Oy ve, every cell of my body rebels at this notion. I hate it! I would want to live as long as I had some mental functioning, enough to blog and learn Torah and cheer on the Dallas Cowboys and dream about their cheerleaders.

I hate writing this post. I hate this topic. I hate talking about it. I class suicide with alcoholism and drug abuse — things that I just despise. Things that give me the creeps, that fill me with unfiltered hatred. I tend to view suicide as the wimp’s way out.

Suicide says screw you to God but there are much healthier ways express your antipathy for the HaKadosh Barchu, such as banging a shiksa.

Des emails:

You continue to be a heartbreak to me and your step-mum, boy. The level of smugness in your posts–to say nothing of the overt racism you’ve been showing toward the blacks–is appalling.


So you disapprove of suicide, drug addiction and alcoholism? No one cares, Sunny Jim. Show a little empathy for the troubled among us.

As far as those poor blighters being "wimps," it’s pathetically comical that a ponce like you who attacks people from behind the safety of a keyboard would level that charge.

Mend your ways, lad, or I’ll split your fair-dinkum thorax open with a garden hoe and feed your innards to the crows…if the blacks don’t get to you first.

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