A Jew’s Best Friend Is His Rebbe

Chaim Amalek writes: When Moshiach comes, every goy will strive to be friends with every Jew, and you will have more goy friends than you can shake a lulav at. Of course, Yidden will know that a goy can never really be a friend, except in the sense of the goyim, when they are referring to their pet dogs as their “best friend.” A Jew’s best friend is another Jew, preferably his rebbe.

The ultimate test of one’s real view of Group X is to ask: are you willing to marry into that group and have children with them?

I say to you: I AM willing to marry and have children with a Swedish or Icelandic or Danish woman, notwithstanding the current mental weakness of these people with respect to culture and immigration and politics.

Wally, when Moshiach comes, it will be in your self interest to be able to say “I proved myself a friend of Chaim Amalek by introducing him to a nice Scandinavian girl.”

Luke is the transgendered form of the Moshiach, the “Auntie Messiah.” The real one will be an “OJ” or “Original Jew”, a Torah Sage like me.

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