House Of Cards

I’m six episodes into season three of the American adaptation of the British miniseries (based on a novel) and the only excitement so far is in America’s foreign entanglements. Without that intrigue, the show would be dull.

I wonder if this principle applies in real life. I wonder if much of America’s foreign policy is simply a playground for the rich and powerful? I wonder if it is just the greatest game of all? I find it hard to see how America’s extensive foreign policy has been in America’s interests over the past hundred years. Without needless sanctions, without selective engagement and unnecessary favoritism, America could have avoided two world wars, the Cold War and now the war with Islam.

I favor a foreign policy consisting of two pillars — America does not invade other countries and America protects itself from invasion.

Chaim Amalek: “I would add a third pillar: America’s trade policy is whatever works to the benefit of America’s Citizen-Workers and Nation-minded businessmen. (This is what China has.) And a fourth pillar: America offers military assistance to protect nations similar ours to help deter and resist invasion.”

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