What Do You Think Of Husbands Who Always Put Their Clients On Hold To Take Calls From Their Wives?

When Rudy Guiliani ran for president in 2008, he was knocked for taking a call in the middle of a speech and putting the audience on hold so he could talk to his wife.

I notice a lot of guys 100% of the time put their clients on hold to talk to their spouse. She calls and he picks up.

I think it is unprofessional when a guy always puts a client on hold so he can talk to his wife.

Now some wives and children object that their husbands and fathers don’t 100% of the time put work on hold to talk to them.

Men I know (middle class Jewish men mainly) tend to fear their wives more than wives tend to fear their husbands. Husbands tend to appreciate their wives more than wives tend to appreciate their husbands (John Gray told Dennis Prager this).

Men are weak these days.

A hot Jewish chick tells me: “Yes – they are. Why are they so weak? I hate it. They’re a bunch of pussies especially the guys around here. Why do you think I am attracted to white nationalists? Because they are the only men left that have any balls and will actually stand up for themselves. I was talking to my girl friend about this yesterday. She wants to be dominated. She needs a guy that will dominate her. And they are very rare, especially if you are an alpha female – which we both are.”

Another thing I notice is that wives feel much more comfortable ripping apart their husbands in public rather than vice versa, and wives tend to support their kids against their husbands much more than husbands support their kids against their wives.

It’s weird how involved middle-class parents are with their kids. I know some who’ll give their kids a ride if work or school is a mile away. I’d bike a few miles to and from school every day. I never wanted my parents to show up to any of my school events but I notice parents do this routinely these days. My parents played almost no role with my homework.

There’s no parenting style that has been shown to have regular statistical results. As the New York Times wrote:

First, researchers have been unable to find any child-rearing practice that predicts children’s personalities, achievements or problems outside the home. Parents don’t have a single child-rearing style anyway, because how they treat their children depends largely on what the children are like. They are more permissive with easy children and more punitive with defiant ones.

Second, even when parents do treat their children the same way, the children turn out differently. The majority of children of troubled and even abusive parents are resilient and do not suffer lasting psychological damage. Conversely, many children of the kindest and most nurturing parents succumb to drugs, mental illness or gangs.

Third, there is no correlation — zero — between the personality traits of adopted children and their adoptive parents or other children in the home, as there should be if ”home environment” had a strong influence.

Fourth, how children are raised — in day care or at home, with one parent or two, with gay parents or straight ones, with an employed mom or one who stays home — has little or no influence on children’s personalities.

Finally, what parents do with and for their children affects children mainly when they are with their parents. For instance, mothers influence their children’s play only while the children are playing with them; when the child is playing alone or with a playmate, it makes no difference what games were played with mom.

Most psychologists have done what anyone would do when faced with this astonishing, counterintuitive evidence — they’ve tried to dismiss it. Yet eventually the most unlikely idea wins if it has the evidence to back it up. As Carole Wade, a behavioral scientist, puts it, trying to squeeze existing facts into an outdated theory is like trying to fit a double-sized sheet onto a queen-sized bed. One corner fits, but another pops out. You need a new sheet or a new bed.

I think it is unprofessional when parents at work automatically drop everything when their kids call. Their lives should not revolve around their kids. I think it sends the wrong message when a father lets his wife and kids know that he will drop everything to be at their beck and call. Women don’t want to be in charge. They’ll nag and nag, but they need a man to take the reins.

A buddy says: “We committed, life-long bachelors, living utterly apart from the fair sex, have as much business discussing such matters as the pope has of issuing rulings on birth control and divorce. Let us instead focus on our blogging, cats, and issues of personal grooming. How would you be living your life today if the Internet had never been invented?”

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