Orthodox Jewish Uber Driver Buys A Hat

A Yid says on FB: “My new ‘cabbie’ hat. Because I seem to get lower ratings with Uber when my yarmulke is visible. I now have a 5.0 consistently. Others have told me they’ve had the same experience.”

Rabbi: I’d wear the yarmulke proudly.
Co: But Rabbi, if it affects his potential earnings ability, should he still wear it?
Rabbi: I’m just saying – i wouldn’t personally. If someone not wanting to buy from Jews, or be nice to Jews is going to affect me negatively, i gladly accept that as the price of being Jewish. We are still here – i think – because we proudly are who we are despite what others think. [A California mashal – imagine an Uber driver who said ‘i get better reviews when i dress is a way where nobody can tell that i am gay,’ what would people tell him. They’d say “be proud of who you are! who cares what haters think…!”
Dan: When you’re scrambling to make a dollar, you can’t always afford the luxury of pride.
Joe: If I get Into a cab I don’t care what religion the driver is, but if he does something overtly to make me aware, then he has just upped the ante, we are humans and our surroundings affect us and those around us. To deny this is foolish. To use the knowledge for your own well being is prudent.

Advertising your religion just to represent the team is not necessarily the proper reason to do so. You can be a mensch with any hat on your head.

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