Group Threats

Different groups have different gifts and different interests. The gifts and interests of one group often pose threats to other groups.

As a convert to Judaism, I think many Jews are wonderful, but are Jews only a force for good in the world? Of course not. So in the story below, a Jewish non-profit demands that President Obama gets specific about the threats posed by Islamic fundamentalism.

I’m fine with that, but I want to go deeper and wider. Why not get specific about the threats that different groups pose. Blacks, for example, have a high crime rate. Jews, for example, are incredibly influential, and that influence does not only extend in positive directions (what is positive or negative will depend upon your hero system).

Jews and gays and asians and Anglicans and women and the trans are not pure angels. Please remind me when anyone in public life in the West demanded that these group threats to civilization be named? If we want to get on our high horse about the president calling out Islam, should we not also demand that he call out blacks as a disproportionate threat for committing crimes such as rape, murder and robbery? Should he not call out Mexicans as a disproportionate threat to enter America illegally? Should not all groups be called out according to their statistical share of the problem?

The Washington Free Beacon:

A leading human rights organization is calling on President Barack Obama to start getting specific about the massive threat posed by “Islamist fundamentalism.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a non-profit that combats anti-Semitism, said on the heels of the White House’s controversial Countering Violent Extremism Summit (CVE) that Obama has failed to clearly label the threat of radical Muslims.

Obama’s White House and State Department has faced regular criticism for refusing to name radical Islam as the top global terrorism threat.

The Wiesenthal Center said in its statement that it is time for Obama to get specific.

“The existential threat that confronts the world today has a name—Islamist fundamentalism—and has addresses—ISIS, al Qaeda, and their ilk,” Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper, dean and founder and associate dean of the Center, said in a statement.

“We must also be honest in acknowledging the scope of the problem,” they said. “The number of Muslims sympathetic to Jihadists, could, according to a 2013 Pew poll, could far exceed 200 million—more than the total populations of the Axis Powers at the beginning of WWII.”

Notable Muslim leaders have not been vocal enough in their condemnations of radical jihadi terrorists such as the Islamic State (IS) and others, Hier and Cooper said.

“After the murders in Paris, Copenhagen, after the beheading of Christians in Libya, the world still awaits an outpouring of criticism by leading Imams around the world of the targeted killings by ISIS of innocent Christians, Jews, and Muslims,” they say.

“We urge the United States to join with and empower countries who are suffering blows from these terrorists, including, Egypt, Jordan, the UAE and Western European nations, and work together quickly to kill the terrorists, destroy their infrastructure and destroy this mushrooming terrorist threat to the world.”

“However, we urge the president to prioritize the military defeat of ISIS and other theologically-driven Islamist terrorist groups who are marching across the Arab world—beheading, burning alive, kidnapping, and murdering all those who stand in the way of the establishment of a global caliphate,“ Center officials added.

Well, let’s turn this same spotlight on the Jews. Every major Jewish organization supports immigration amnesty. That’s a threat to American citizens.

What person with traditional values would say that Hollywood is a force for good in the world? If Hollywood is a force for ill, on balance, then surely that somewhat Jewish threat must be named?

Is gangster rap making the world a better place? Is pornography? If not, the Jewish role in these businesses must be named.

Yes, there is an Islamic threat to American security. There’s Mexican threat to national security given the large amount of illegal Mexican immigration. Is there any Jewish threat to national security? Jonathan Pollard likely stole the crown jewels of America’s nuclear secrets for Israel which then traded them to the Soviet Union in exchange for the release of Jews. Every American nuclear scientist who gave the Soviets information on how to build a nuclear weapon was Jewish.

I no more think that Jews are evil than I think that Muslims are evil or Mexicans are evil or Africans are evil. I think every people has distinct gifts and distinct shortcomings and distinct interests. Let’s be honest and open about such things. Let’s talk facts. I suspect that when it comes to risky financial instruments and chicanery on Wall Street right now, Jews and Indians are a disproportionate threat. When it comes to keeping a stiff upper lip, WASPs are a threat. If it comes to loud complaining in restaurants, Jews are a disproportionate threat. When it comes to the evils of passivity, WASPs are a threat.

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