The Messiah Might Be Black

There’s nothing in Jewish text that specifies the skin color of the Messiah. He might be black, even Aboriginal:

REPORT: “So I was just watching 2 Broke Girls (Don’t judge me, it was on in the background) and a scene came up where the guy they were working with (an Asian caricature basically) was talking to them about a girl he’s flirting with online, saying “She’s part Aboriginal, but she has a great personality!”

* My mate down under has a new Aboriginal neighbor. I told him to invite the Abo over one avo for a cuppa and an IQ test.

Originally aired October 1975, clip from ‘The Germans’ episode of Fawlty Towers featuring Ballard Berkeley.

* I just matched with “Bodacious Tasha” on JSwipe. She’s black as sin, 28, from Jamaica, lives in NY, and is willing to convert.

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