Since When Is ‘Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein’ A Native Son Of Denmark?

Here is the New York Times headline on the Denmark terror attacks by a Muslim: “Terror Attacks by a Native Son Rock Denmark”

Since when is anybody named “Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein” a native son of Denmark?


This weekend Ms. Thorning-Schmidt warned the usually placid nation — whose 5.6 million citizens regularly rank in opinion surveys as among the world’s happiest people — that “if a madman is willing to sacrifice his life, then we will never be able to guard ourselves 100 percent.”

…While most Danes responded with shock to the weekend shootings, the country’s security services have been on alert against Islamic extremism since 2005, when the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten published 12 cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and, several months later, a Copenhagen mosque sent a mission to the Middle East to rally hostility against Denmark. Danish diplomatic missions were attacked and Danish businesses boycotted across the Muslim world.

In an editorial to be published Monday, Jyllands Posten said, “Unfortunately, it is difficult to claim surprise at the attacks in Copenhagen.” Terrorism, it added, was “not a question of if, but when.”

Kurt Westergaard, who drew a cartoon for the newspaper that showed Muhammad with a bomb in a black turban, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in 2010, fleeing into a safe room at his home in the port city of Aarhus to escape a young Somali armed with an ax and a knife…

In 2013, Lars Hedegaard, an outspoken critic of Islam and a defender of Lars Vilks, the Swedish cartoonist who appeared to have been targeted at the cafe, was shot at outside his Copenhagen home by a gunman disguised as a postal worker…

In its response to the threat since the cartoon crisis, the authorities have combined extensive surveillance of suspected militants and of radical mosques with efforts to “rehabilitate,” rather than punish, young Muslims who dabble in extremism but have not yet been implicated in criminal actions. While most European governments have sought to arrest or expel residents who have returned home after waging jihad in Syria and Iraq, for example, the city of Aarhus has set up a counseling program to help them reintegrate into society…

Mohammud Awil, who has lived in Mjolnerparken since emigrating from Somalia 26 years ago, blamed extremist self-declared preachers who “pick on young people who drink or use drugs because they are very weak.” Mr. Awil, a bus driver, said he knew several families whose Danish-born children had gone to fight in Somalia or the Middle East. “They get brainwashed,” he said.

Ms. Thorning-Schmidt sought to calm tensions after the attacks, saying, “This is not a war between Islam and the West.”

A placid nation like all Scandinavian nations until they imported Muslims and other third-worlders.

Why on earth does Denmark have Somalis? Why would any decent first-world country want Somalis in it?

I wonder how that counseling of Muslims is working out?

Islam and the West have been fighting for about 1200 years.

Bert writes to Steve Sailer: “I tell ya, Danish names aren’t what they used to be.”

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