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I met this Nice Jewish Girl. We were a couple of addicts and like crazy kids, we fell in love over the internet. We enjoyed massive chats on Facebook and long talks on the phone. We dreamed about one day talking on landlines. We made plans to get together. We shared our deepest fears and fondest wishes.

There was only one problem. She didn’t want me to post about racial differences in average IQ. I thought long and hard and chose to keep posting, but she will always retain a piece of my heart.

I know this is wrong, but writing about race is more exciting to me than 98% of women.

I met this hot young black chick. She was tall and slender with excellent spelling and grammar.

She came on to me! I’m the victim here.

I was just working away when she stopped by and said, “I like your yarmulke.”

Well, one thing led to another. We started talking. We made plans to investigate weighty issues in greater depth. She said she was fine with me taking her to McDonalds.

Yeah, she lived in Compton and rode the bus, and yeah she had a kid out of wedlock and yeah, she wasn’t Jewish and she wasn’t religious, so we had some differences. I won’t deny that. We face some obstacles. Yeah, I was impaled on the horns of a dilemma because I was really getting into racial differences at the time and yet hot young black chicks were hitting on me right and left (OK, just two).

So I decided to live with integrity and wrote some Facebook posts about what was on my mind and the hot black chick unfriended me — on Facebook and in real life.

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