A New Beginning

In the weeks ahead, expect me to blow up this blog. Transfer most of its content to PicoRob.com. Do most of my blogging on PicoRob.com. I will have two Orthodox Jews as my editors on PicoRob.com. My blog will literally be rabbinically approved — my biggest nightmare!

Instead of gazing at my picture of Orit Arfa for inspiration, I’ll now be looking instead at the Chofetz Chaim.

Oy, woe is me! The temple of my hubris has been destroyed and I sit in sackloth and ashes.

If the rabbinic handcuffs are too tightly applied, I’ll rebel and go back to doing who my heart desires.

Khunrum emails: "More like The End than the Beginning…."Luke Is Gone" dot com. Adios! Amigo..it’s been fun."

Fred emails: "Wouldn’t that completely eviscerate your ability to generate content?"

"Luke, why don’t you nail your 95 theses on the shul door.  How much worse could things get?"

Bob emails: "How will this generate more shekels for you in this tattered economy? Return to porn. Return to financial security. Return to Jesus."

"Shave you beard. Change your name. Pay your temple dues in cash. Welcome to our newest member, Levi Jeremy!"

Chaim Amalek emails:

Just pathetic. Why don’t you just cut off your nuts?

You know, there are two Luke Fords out there. The straight man, who pines lustfully for the love of the young Christian… – although she will never give him Jewish children (at least not in the eyes of these rabbis). And Gay Luke Ford, the fey tool of orthodox Judaism in LA who sounds so very gay whenever he writes pretending (as he always is) to be attracted to this or that fabulous Jewish career woman. The former established himself as an expert on something; the latter is a joke, especially to the orthodox Jew of his Kehilla, who laugh behind his back whenever his name comes up.

Luke, if you are serious about…, then deal with the fact that they will never accept her or you with her or whatever children she may provide you.

So cut your nuts off if you like – you’re…still not going to be accepted as a Jewish man.

SexyP:  LUKE, they’ve gotten to you??  Why switch everything to Pico and have Orthodox Jews take over??
SexyP:  You’re Luke f**king Ford!!  You’ll lose Google mojo if you do so!
SexyP:  Where’s the Luke Ford I fell in love with??  No more pissing people off??
SexyP:  Give up religion or else it will devour you and change the person you are!!
SexyP:  Why cater to them??  They wouldn’t do it for you.  So why do it for them??
SexyP:  You know how many people in —- hate my f**king guts and have wished death on me??  I got that from you!!
YourMoralLeader:  i need my community
SexyP:  Don’t change who you are for them!!
SexyP:  They kicked you out of Shul.
SexyP:  Make your own community!
SexyP:  Don’t change who you are for them and have Orthodox Jews take over your blog!!  They wouldn’t do it for you!!
SexyP:  Damn it!  Don’t let them do it!!  The little bit of the Luke Ford the world got to know will slowly vanish!
SexyP:  Are they paying your bills??  What have they ever done for you??
SexyP:  Come back to the dark side where you were happier!!
SexyP:  Pico smiko!  f**k them!!
SexyP:  Your new blog will be boring with Orthodox Jews taking over!!
SexyP:  Someone from the forum where I was just banned for the second time this weekend said I was more hated than you ever were!  You were my inspiration for pissing people off!
SexyP:  They will have you talking about flowers and rainbows now!!
SexyP:  You even edited out the word —- from your blog now quoting what I had told you.  Now they got you editing your existing blog??
SexyP:  First you give up LukeIsBack for the….that just kicked you out of Shul.  Now you’re giving up LukeFord.net??
SexyP:  I named myself after you!! 
SexyP:  You know the grief I got from your haters for that?? 

About Luke Ford

I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been covered in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and on 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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