Super Bowl Thoughts: New England 28-24 Seattle

Last year, I rooted for the Seahawks because I could not stand seeing Peyton Manning’s smug face on any more commercials.

Before this year’s game, I posted on FB: “Seattle is the better team. I don’t understand why they’re not favorites in this Super Bowl.”

My TV screen shows a white (New England, consistently about the whitest team in the league) vs black (Seattle) contest.

Seattle’s defense is all black. The team leads the league in defense and in penalties.

When black Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin catches a touchdown, he takes a pretend dump on the ground.

When white Patriot Danny Amendola catches a touchdown, he just drops the ball without any theatrics.

New England’s white Jewish receiver Julian Edelman catches the winning touchdown and then gives the ball up to a teammate. No wild celebration.

Seattle drives down to New England’s one yard line with 30 seconds left in the game and the black Seahawks quarterback throws an interception.

New England then has the ball at its one yard line. Seattle has one time-out. Seattle crowds the line to get a rush on Brady and sack him in the end zone but the most penalized team in the league commits a killer mistake. Defensive lineman Michael Bennett rushes up to the line of scrimmage, he’s been penalized ten times during the season for being off-side, and he jumps off-side and gives the game to New England.

On the next play, the Seahawks start fights after the snap and Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin is ejected.

The smart disproportionately white (for the NFL) team won the game over the athletically superior black team who often play like thugs.

New England was penalized five times for 36 yards and Seattle was penalized seven times for 70 yards.

The biggest reason, however, that Seattle did not win the game was the fault of its white coach, Peter Carroll and its white offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, who on 2nd down and 1 yard to go from the one, with one time-out, did not run the beast Marshawn Lynch. Instead Seattle chose to throw the ball and that decision cost the team the game.

Alex: “Funny how it’s rarely mentioned that two of the most successful franchises in the NFL the last 15 years (Pats and Colts) have also had the lowest percentage of black players in the league.”

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