Fear & Loathing Of Blacks In Japan

A friend of a friend, a Japanese woman, met an African at university in Japan and married him. Her mom was horrified and committed suicide. The Japanese, Chinese and Koreans seem to fear and loathe blacks, more than whites do. Blackanese, products of Japanese women with black men, are not generally accepted in Japan, and I doubt such mixes would fare well in China or Korea.

A mate in Australia tells me: “This bloke in his fifties with at least two failed marriages to white Australian women came over yesterday with his new gorgeous Thai wife, about 25yo. I’m all in favor of that. Stick it up those fat ugly Australian women. It’s an international market. Men can find themselves a prettier younger woman in Thailand or the Philippines and bring her back here. What would his prospects be for local women? They’d be fat, ugly and 50. Asian women tend to look younger than they are. I think, good on him. That’s what our mate Jack* did too. He’s got a 30yo Thai girlfriend. Why would he have any fat Aussie sheilas?”

Lil: “But, they don’t just marry a young Asian wife. They end up marrying her whole family. Her mother, her father, her grandparents, her siblings her cousins. The next thing you know, your hard earned money is being sent to support her family in Thailand. And lastly, her parents are too old, so they end up living with you and bring their whole village. Their young daughters are their hope if immigrating to a first world country.”

“Ok, let’s be honest. The white western man used to be the king of his castle and had control over his family. Wives used to do what the man wanted. Then, women in the west were liberated and are now becoming CEOs of companies and are just too busy to make a man feel like “lord of his castle”. Now, they expect the man to cook and clean while the women go on business trips and defrost frozen dinners. So, the western man looks abroad to the countries of subservient women who will please their men and make them feel like kings again. In a matter of time, even women from those subservient countries will start walk out. For now, it’s easy for a “regular Joe” to impress a Thai, Asian, Latin American woman from a village. Western women will be impressed with a lawyer who drives a Mercedes and they don’t have to get mail order brides. But, a poor village girl living in poverty will be impressed with the postman who drives a 1999 Subaru. She sees $$ signs in his minimum wave, which technically makes him the richest man in her village.”

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