How do we educate asians to feel less shame about taking all the welfare they can get?

Talking to prosecutors, you learn about stark racial differences. Few east-asians get arrested and when they do, they typically say things like, “I want to accept my punishment.” Blacks often get angry and blame the police for racism, while latinos and whites tend to be polite to law enforcement.

After a work injury, east-asians are usually first back on the job, and blacks last back on the job. Blacks are the quickest to file for disability, orientals the slowest. East-Asians feel great shame in filing for welfare, blacks seem to feel the least shame. WASPs tend to be the most honest group and the least likely to use ethnic ties to game the system.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Asians have been slower to sign up for President Barack Obama’s reprieve for young immigrants in the country illegally, and community advocates are ramping up efforts to reach thousands more who are eligible for his expanded immigration plan.

Many advocates have blamed the paltry turnout among young Asian immigrants for the administration’s 2012 program on the stigma of being in the country illegally in their communities, where many feel lacking proper immigration papers is culturally shunned.

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