Who Is This Lovely Lady?

REPORT: Like most of you, my nether regions quivered pleasantly with the recent introduction by Democrat Governor of Pennsylvannia Tom Wolf of his state’s new physician general, Dr. Rachel Levine. A photo of the lissome lady appears below.


And how would you like to entrust the fragile psyche of your own anguished teen to the stewardship of that leering hideosity?

Though this ridiculous doc-in-a-dress barely warrants an eye bat in the West’s prim implosion. What it does warrant is an awareness that the process is designed to be perpetual until complete. It doesn’t end with blacks, or gays, or transvestites. Wherever the line is drawn today will be a scarlet letter of bigotry tomorrow. There will always exist some fringe outpost upon which the left can plant its flag. A newly unearthed affront. Another victim of privilege. The only requirement is that the standard bearer be flamboyantly opposed to traditional sensibilities. For the liberal vanguard it’s taking apart the walls of your house while still inside. I’m not accusing them of rationality.

And while I mentioned the process is designed to be perpetual, those driving it are not. White liberals are a dying class whose influence is being temporarily magnified by millions of brown proxies. They’re midgets standing on a pyramid of mayans while bragging about their height. Most seem to ludicrously imagine they have ingratiated themselves into the alien out-groups they so adore. At some point they, and the comely Dr. Levine, will glance about to find they are the only transvestites in the room. And before heads once again go tumbling down Chichen Itza, we’ll get a fleeting glimpse of that horrified rictus.

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