What role for Jews in non-Jewish ethnostates?

I expect nationalism from all peoples. I can’t stomach seeking anything for my group that I wouldn’t equally want for all groups. So I say, let all peoples work out their destinies in their own lands free from oppression by outsiders.

One hitch to the beautiful symmetry and moral purity of my views is that many gentile nationalists tend to have no room in their plans for Jews.

So what am I to do? I support nationalism for all peoples but what about the Jews? Is ethno-nationalism good for the Jews? I see nothing wrong with blacks asking what is good for blacks. I see nothing wrong with whites asking what is good for whites. I see nothing wrong with any people focusing on its group interests.

Frequently, when other groups ask what is good for their group, the answer will be bad for Jews. Perhaps if Jews acted more in consonance with the well-being of their host country there would be fewer of these conflicts? Or perhaps Jews are doing everything humanly possible for their host country and anything bad for Jews is just morally wrong, no matter how good it might seem to be for other groups?

The older I get, the more I believe in the power of genes and group interests.

What would be the role for goyim in a Jewish state run by Torah sages (according to Jewish law)? There wouldn’t be one. A Jewish state run by Torah would limit its goyim.

Chaim Amalek: “Not many Jews would want to live in such a state. If Israel ever reaches the tipping point and becomes a theocracy, secular Jews will depart en mass and what remains will not be of sufficiently strong stock to sustain a Jewish state there. This is one four ways that Israel can fall. (The others: the South African solution and conquest by demographic change; nuclear attack; and defeat in a conventional war.)”

Jews in the American South prior to the Civil War were more accepted than they were in the North. No abolitionist was a Southern Jew. Southern rabbis preached that slavery was ordained by God. Southern Jews had no problem with slavery prior to the Civil War.

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