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I just watched the 20-minute preview of a full-length documentary on white genocide. It is now a private video.

Note the playing of Israel’s national anthem, HaTikva, 53 seconds in. That’s the only explicit mention of Jews, but we all know that white nationalists blame Jews for the displacement of whites.

When WNs take power, it will be bad for the Jews.

The documentary plays a lot of classical music, signalling that it is made by intellectuals and is aimed at a high level. WNs can talk tough and appear to be thugs, but some of them are refined intellectuals.

I have several Ashkenazi Jewish friends who prefer to be around white people. They don’t want to be around Sephardic or Persian Jews, just Ashkenazi Jews and white people.

Jeff* emails:

Dear Luke,

I realize that you have heard and may have even sung Hatikva. You are becoming a Jewish chauvinist if you think what is playing is Hatikva. What is playing is Smetana’s Moldau. This was written well before Hatikva and it is clear that the composers of Hatikva were influenced by it.

Moldau, by the way is the German name for the river which flows through Prague which in Czech is the Vltava. Smetana was a Czech nationalist, but did use the German name for the river in his great work, which is considered to be a celebration of Czech nationalism and desire for a “fatherland.” It also was used by Czechs as their rallying point for independence under the Austria-Hungarian empire.

So its use in the trailer is not a subtle swipe at the Jews. But as a means of showing the aspirations of white nationalists to be free of foreign influences.


It is a crime to plan or incite genocide, even before killing starts, and to aid or abet genocide: Criminal acts include conspiracy, direct and public incitement, attempts to commit genocide, and complicity in genocide.

Punishable Acts The following are genocidal acts when committed as part of a policy to destroy a group’s existence:

Killing members of the group includes direct killing and actions causing death.

Causing serious bodily or mental harm includes inflicting trauma on members of the group through widespread torture, rape, sexual violence, forced or coerced use of drugs, and mutilation.

Deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to destroy a group includes the deliberate deprivation of resources needed for the group’s physical survival, such as clean water, food, clothing, shelter or medical services. Deprivation of the means to sustain life can be imposed through confiscation of harvests, blockade of foodstuffs, detention in camps, forcible relocation or expulsion into deserts.

Prevention of births includes involuntary sterilization, forced abortion, prohibition of marriage, and long-term separation of men and women intended to prevent procreation.

Forcible transfer of children may be imposed by direct force or by fear of violence, duress, detention, psychological oppression or other methods of coercion. The Convention on the Rights of the Child defines children as persons under the age of 18 years.

Genocidal acts need not kill or cause the death of members of a group. Causing serious bodily or mental harm, prevention of births and transfer of children are acts of genocide when committed as part of a policy to destroy a group’s existence.

By this definition, there’s a genocide against whites going on. They’re forced to associate with, employ, and subsidize non-whites. The media constantly glorifies miscegenation. Whites are not allowed to develop their own cultures and their own destinies free from the interference of non-whites.

What is the white nationalist end-game? They want to be free of outside tyranny. They want to be free of Jewish tyranny. They want to be free of non-whites. They want to be free to determine their own culture and destiny. But what is the place for Jews in this? I don’t see one.

What is the Jewish end-game? From the traditional orthodox perspective, it is to keep God’s commandments and bring the Messiah.

This was recorded in early 1973:

“This anti-Semitism is stronger than we think, ya know,” he said in a conversation to Evangelist Billy Graham shortly after Israel shot down a Libyan passenger plane in Sinai, and on the eve of then-Israeli Prime Minister Gold Meir’s visit to Washington.

“It’s unfortunate, but this has happened to the Jews, happened in Spain, it happened in Germany, it’s happening, and now it’s gonna happen in America if these people don’t start behaving.

“It may be they have a death wish, that’s been the problem with our Jewish friends for centuries,” said Nixon.

What Jewish behavior do I object to? What Jewish behavior do I regard as suicidal? That every major Jewish group in the United States, including Agudas Yisrael and the Orthodox Union, support immigration amnesty (even though most Orthodox Jews don’t). That virtually every major Jewish group opposes prayer in public schools and Christian displays on public property (even though most Orthodox Jews don’t want to get in the goyim’s way on this). That Jews push America into supporting Israel to an extent against America’s self-interest. There’s no reason that American politicians should be talking about their commitment to Israel. Israel has nothing to do with America’s vital national interests. Nothing in the Middle East falls into America’s vital national interests. That Jewish groups so strongly support civil rights for blacks, gays, latinos, almost anyone who isn’t white and Christian (even though most Orthodox Jews don’t support this civil rights push). These forms of activism (generally not shared by Orthodox Jews) are deeply destructive to the goyim and one day the goyim will wake up.

Chaim Amalek: “George Walker Bush: Not a Jew. Does the political history of that man’s presidency prove that WASPS are out to destroy America? After all – he had the support of a majority of the WASP population of this country even after four years as president. Truly WASPS are the enemy of the White Race.”

“George W. Bush has always seen himself as acting on the will of God, and not as a puppet of any oligarch. And percentage-wise, 100% or so of the men who have held actual power in the constitutional sense and decided on what to do or oppose to give us open borders, criminal-coddling courts, forced busing, amnesty for illegals and so forth have been Christian: Ted Kennedy, Speaker of the House John W. McCormack, Earl Warren, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush etc. 100%. And of course this carries over to Europe (Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the UK, etc.).”

Jews push for amnesty for Jonathan Pollard when Johnathan Pollard likely gave the crown jewels of America’s nuclear secrets to Israel, which then sold them to the Soviet Union in exchange for the release of Soviet Jews. To then request Pollard’s freedom is stomping on the goyim’s throat and expecting them to take it without fighting back. That’s a death wish. That’s like going up to random strangers on the street and smacking them across the head and expecting there will be no negative consequences to you.

The entertainment industry is dominated by Jews in the important positions and so the good and bad this industry does will likely rebound on Jews as a group.

No people in America has done more than the Jews over the past 60 years to remove God and religion from the public square and the public school.

When you look at the Torah, it’s all about sacrifice. The greatest thing a Jew can do religiously is to sacrifice himself Kiddush HaShem for the glory of God rather than to transgress the divine commandments. Maybe we’re just fated to over-reach and to sacrifice ourselves again and again.

None of this is subtle. None of this takes a PhD to understand. This is stuff that a bloke with a 100 IQ can understand. Every major Jewish group in America supports immigration amnesty aka make the goyim strangers in their own land.

It seems like every time the goyim debate policy, the argument is stifled by Jews yelling about the Holocaust. We can’t expel illegal immigrants because that would be like the Holocaust. We can’t speak realistically about group differences because that prepares the ground for the Holocaust. We can’t discuss the Israel lobby because that will create another Holocaust. We can’t ban circumcision because that will be like the Holocaust. We can’t ban pornography because that’s like the Nazis burning books and is just a step away from the Holocaust. We can’t ban traditional kosher slaughtering methods because that will lead to a Holocaust. It seems to keep coming back to us.

We can see markers on how influential we are by seeing the difference between what the goyim want and what the goyim get. If Danes want to ban circumcision but can’t, that’s partly Jewish influence. Danes don’t want children’s genitals cut but Jews don’t want them to outlaw the practice.

If America wants to stay out of world wars but can’t, why is that? If the goyim want to ban illegal immigration but can’t, why? If the goyim want to have prayer in public school and creches on public property but can’t, why?

When you see the Jewish thumb moving on to the scale and moving the weights of justice away from what the goyim want for their own lands and you know that one day the goyim are going to get angry about this and Jews will suffer. Most Orthodox Jews don’t care what the goyim do and think. They generally don’t care what non-Orthodox Jews do and think. In some circumstances, this self-absorption is adaptive and in other circumstances, it is maladaptive.

I believe in nationalism for everyone. Let the Japanese, Australians, and Israelis work out their own destinies without accepting dictates from outsiders. I would be appalled if goyim came into an Orthodox shul and started telling people what to do. So too it can be a bad thing for Jews to tell non-Jews what to do with their own traditions.

There are a lot of ways to test how much is Jewish influence affecting policy in non-Jewish lands. Every nation has its own natural tribal trajectory. America has fallen under the sway of those — Jewish and goyish — who push it far away from its natural trajectory of protecting its borders, celebrating Christianity in the public square, and avoiding outside alliances and conflicts. America is upside down. So is Europe to a lesser extent.

I see goyim are often quickly silenced in conversation with accusations of racism and genocide and Holocaust. In daily life, when I see goyim go up against Jews in an argument, time and again I see the goyim cut to shreds. They simply can’t compete. They get intimidated by Jewish intensity and rhetorical ability and intelligence.

The only anti-immigrant books that get publicly discussed in France are by Jews. If they were by goyim, they would blackballed. Éric Zemmour, Alain Finkielkraut, Élisabeth Lévy and Gil Mihaely get to talk publicly about Islam and immigration.

When the goyim try to have a rational discussion about national interests, racial and religious differences, foreign policy and the like and they get silenced by accusations of racism and anti-semitism. I’m not sure that’s in the long-term Jewish or gentile interest.

If the goyim asked why do whites subsidize the losers in our midst, many lefties (Jews and non-Jews) would lead the way in trying to shut down that conversation. They would say they were doing it because they hate racism and bigotry, but their prime concern is their own hero system.

There’s nothing in the Jewish tradition, there’s nothing in Torah, about Jews organizing politically for the civil rights of blacks, latinos, homos and trannies.

The first instinct of the Jewish progressive whenever anybody remarks about obvious group differences is to shut the person down with accusations of racism (an invented moral category that did not exist prior to 120 years ago).

Orthodox Jews tend to be more informal and more sloppy in their maneuvers. Whenever Failed Messiah scores, he gets the criticism, you just hate Orthodox Jews. Just as a WASP would say when you beat him in tennis, “Well done, chum”, Orthodox Jews say, “You just hate Orthodox Jews” (or, you’re a self-hating Jew, or, you would never write about blacks or Muslims the way you write about Orthodox Jews) and liberal Jews say, “You’re a racist.” Blacks are props. Everyone knows the Satmar Hasid doesn’t care about shvartzes, but the progressive Jew pretends (even to himself) to care so as to create a multi-racial, multicultural society where his type can thrive and dominate.

The point is always to shut down or derail a conversation when it gets scary.

Can people empathize through discussion or only through their own pain? Often, reason counts for nothing. It’s much less powerful than genes and group influence.

I’m giving you hidden knowledge. It’s pardes.


Pardes (Hebrew: פרדס orchard) is the subject of a Jewish aggadah (“legend”) about four rabbis of the Mishnaic period (1st century CE) who visited the Orchard (that is, Paradise):

“Four men entered pardes — Ben Azzai, Ben Zoma, Acher (Elisha ben Abuyah), and Akiba. Ben Azzai looked and died; Ben Zoma looked and went mad; Acher destroyed the plants; Akiba entered in peace and departed in peace.”

The sod, the hidden knowledge, is that in the end, life in this world is all about tribal warfare aka the perpetuation of your genes and sacrificing for those whose genes are closest to your own.

After the Holocaust, Jews had sufficient numbers in the United States and sufficient determination to take the attitude that the world owes us. We’ve suffered. Now we’re going to establish Israel. We’re going to take welfare so we can study Torah all day. We’re going to lobby the American government to do what Israel needs.

Stephen Steinlight wrote in October of 2001:

We Jews need to be especially sensitive to the multinational model this crowd (many of them Jewish) is promoting. Why? Because one person’s “celebration” of his own diversity, foreign ties, and the maintenance of cultural and religious traditions that set him apart is another’s balkanizing identity politics. We are not immune from the reality of multiple identities or the charge of divided loyalties, a classic staple of anti-Semitism, and we must recognize that our own patterns are easily assailed, and we need to find ways of defending them more effectively as the debate goes on.

For Jews, it is at best hypocritical, and, worse, an example of an utter lack of self-awareness, not to recognize that we are up to our necks in this problem. This has been especially true once we were sufficiently accepted in the United States to feel confident enough to go public with our own identity politics….

…[H]ow long do we actually believe that nearly 80 percent of the entire foreign aid budget of the United States will go to Israel?

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