What would America be like if all Jews up and left for Israel?

If Jews were the only people to leave America, the average IQ would fall. America would make less of an impact on the world through financial instruments, entertainment, culture, medicine, science and the like.

They did a movie called, “A Day Without A Mexican.” What about a movie, A Day Without A Jew?

Christoph Donnellan: “It wouldn’t be ‘sad or desolate’ whatsoever. There was a country and a civilization here long before we received ‘the wretched refuse’ through Ellis Island, and prosperous enough to attract our Jewish friends in the first place. American history didn’t start in 1945, or 1895, for that matter. America and California would be just fine without the multitudes of third worlders who have come here the last 30 years. We’d have less congestion, higher wages, and less crime, overall.”

A Mexican friend says: “There are some mestizos becoming muslim in Mexico. Not a lot. So, when I see all the fake “bnai anusim” mexicans claim they should return to Judaism, I am not impressed because the same amount are turning to Islam and other religions. My theory, you take a pastor/minister to any village and they all turn.”

Chaim Amalek: “I think America would be little changed from where it is and where it is headed. The role that Jews have performed from say 1930 – 2000 (finance, medicine, science at least) is rapidly being filled by Indians and Chinese anyway, and the American Jews of tomorrow – hassids and other haredim – simply will not have the education to step into.”

“500 years from now the period of Western dominance will seem as strange and distant to the people of the future as the centuries of Babylonian dominance seem to us today.”

What if we edit Chaim’s post to: “500 years from now the period of liberal Jewish dominance of the West will seem as strange and distant to the people of the future as the centuries of Babylonian dominance seem to us today.”


500 years from now no one will even be talking about that era. The Jews never really formally ran much of anything, apart from what the goyim gave to us to run: tax farming, the fed, MGM, etc.

I can foresee the day when the Jews return to Muslim controlled Europe to help manage things for them. Not so the lands run by the Chinese.

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