RIP Jethro Pugh

I’ll always remember Dallas defensive lineman Jethro Pugh as the Cowboy who was too lazy to dig his cleats into the turf (unlike his teammate Bob Lilly), allowing himself to get shoved out of the way and costing the Dallas Cowboys the 1967 Ice Bowl. RIP Jethro, you lazy bum.

Another lazy guy on the Cowboys that day was receiver Bob Hayes who kept his hands in his pockets during the game unless he was going to be a targeted receiver. This alerted the Packers to whether the Cowboys intended to run or pass on a particular play.

Blacks tend to be quicker and to jump higher and to have more athleticism than whites but whites tend to work harder, be more disciplined, and to be better teammates.

Here are the average Wonderlic (IQ) scores of a NFL player according to position:

Offensive tackle – 26
Center – 25
Quarterback – 24
Guard – 23
Tight end – 22
Safety – 19
Linebacker – 19
Cornerback – 18
Wide receiver – 17
Fullback – 17
Halfback – 16

Blacks dominate at the low IQ positions and whites at the high IQ positions, including head coach and GM.

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