It’s Still About The Country Clubs

From comments to Steve Sailer:

* You don’t see many blacks being welcomed into synagogues, or many Gentiles welcomed into the Jews only country clubs that surround New York City.

* The smart way, I assume, to keep non-Whites out: No, we’re not anti-Black/Asian/Mestizo. Our organization is just restricted to Jews. It’s entirely co-incidental that restricting our membership to Jews also keeps out 99% of Blacks/Asians/Mestizos.

* More and more, these types of opinions reveal a moral elite who are just starting to recognize that their position is faltering in the world. The success of UKIP and Le Pen in Europe, tens of thousands demonstrating in the streets over there against Islamification in the last few weeks, millions of white Americans siding with the police and George Zimmerman. vs. Trayvon & the looters in Ferguson. Their convoluted logic is trying to justify itself through convoluted language.

* How have Hispanics been “oppressed and discriminated against” in America? They basically were not even part of America until very recently, yet they have their own (quite racist) group organizations. And the general liberal consensus is very accepting of this, indeed it seems eager to encourage the creation of a “Hispanic” identity which exists nowhere outside of America.

* It seems to me that the definition of racism has expanded greatly over the years, first being used to describe race based Birmingham ‘separation’ regulations back in the sixties and now it has expanded to mean even noticing race, but especially if you are white. David E.M. Thompson said, “Racism was once defined as behaviors – what people did and what they said.
Racism is now defined as an attitude – what people think and how they feel.”

The Euro American organizations discussed in the article as not the rebirth of the KKK but bewildered whites trying to organize themselves….just the way all other groups do. it is not ‘white supremacist’ as much as ‘white equalicist’

Regarding whites organizing on racial grounds: I quote African-American Harvard Law Professor Randall Kennedy, from a 1997 Atlantic article, ‘My Race Problem-and Ours.’ He wrote about whites organizing as a race, it is the other side of the coin.

“I find it difficult to accept that it is wrong for whites to mobilize themselves on a racial basis solely for purposes of white advancement but morally permissible for blacks to mobilize themselves on a racial basis solely for purposes of black advancement.”

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