Is Call of the Shofar Kaput?

This EST-ripoff has not held any seminars for months after encountering stiff opposition from Chabad rabbis. The Call of the Shofar website is still live.

Call of the Shofar is a form of Large Group Awareness Therapy. It’s like a Jewish hippie version of EST and Landmark Forum and Possible You.

Sometimes you have to know only one thing about one person and it is all you need to know about a program. For me, once I knew Call of the Shofar founder, Simcha Frischling, claimed semicha (rabbinic ordination) from Perchei Shoshanim in Israel, created by crooked Orthodox rabbi Fred “Fishel” Todd of Lakewood, New Jersey, who gave semicha to Antony Gordon, once I knew that, it was all over for me. Perchei Shoshanim is basically a mail-order scam like becoming a pastor through a Rolling Stone ad.

Xeni Jardin wrote in 2009: “A number of companies are reported to have corporate ties to est/Landmark, for instance: Bay Area vegan restaurant Cafe Gratitude (See: East Bay Express, and SFGate). And Lululemon Athletica, the company that makes all that trendy yoga gear (see Fast Company, this blog, and the CEO’s testimony on the Landmark Forum website). Some former employees at both companies have stated publicly that if you want to become a manager or keep your job, you’d pretty much better be prepared to join Landmark.”

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