I want your help in compiling a list of ten Palestinian tech ideas that changed the world in 2014

Aryeh: “Their greatest accomplishment: Co-development of the world’s greatest defense force – the IDF. Their generous contribution in relentless scrimmage helped Israel become the world’s best Air Force, and develop so many technologies (such as the Iron Dome). They have been instrumental in demonstrating Israel’s top tier human rights and humanitarian efforts by providing real life examples of restraint and consideration every day, sometimes many times per day. Their generous contribution and sacrificing the lives of their men, women and children in differentiating Israel and Jews from the rest if the world is immeasurable. But most of all, they are clearly in partnership with Hashem by revealing His miracles every day, for without darkness there can be no appreciation for light. The Palestinian / Hamas leadership is an example to all those countries surrounding Israel.”

Breitbart: “A video being widely circulated in Palestinian social media networks teaches jihadists how to stab a Jewish person in a manner that ensures their speedy death.”

Chaim Amalek: “You see? The ‘do it yourself’ movement has caught on even among the Palestinians.”

Luke: “Is stabbing your enemies what you do when you don’t have your own media company (to stab your enemies)?”

Chaim: “I’m convinced that in each case, if the stabber had his own Hollywood movie studio he’d have found an alternative to stabbing a Jew to death. We as Jews have an obligation to open up Hollywood so that no Palestinian feels so disenfranchised that he is forced to shove a blade into a Jews guts.”

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