WP: Hollywood’s race problem: An insular industry struggles to change

This is an excellent Washington Post article on this pressing problem. I give a hearty mazal tov and yasher koach to its authors — the Oriental Cecilia Kang, the black Krissah Thompson, and the white guy Drew Harwell.

What makes this article so swell is that it never once mentions the group who runs Hollywood and decides what gets made — Jews!

Here are excerpts from the article:

Yet all these films — much like “12 Years a Slave” and “The Butler” from last year — have another thing in common: The films struggled to find financing from the biggest movie studios, relying instead on independent producers, black investors and even crowdfunding to get made…

Despite America’s changing demographics, Hollywood’s most powerful industry leaders have been slow to respond to a demand for movies that reflect cultural and racial shifts that have long been underway.

Demand from whom? Generally speaking, non-blacks don’t watch movies and TV shows about blacks or mestizos. Generally speaking, non-blacks are not interested in black people and want to stay as far away from them as possible.

“To explain why big movie studios rarely invest in films starring and made by minorities, many point to the lack of diversity among the decision-makers — the executives who ultimately choose which movies are most widely distributed to the world. Aside from Warner Bros. Entertainment’s chief executive Kevin Tsujihara, the top leaders of the five biggest movie studios in the country are white.”

And yet they don’t identify as white. The Jewish ones identify as Jewish. When they think about white people, they’re as likely to think about Nazis and Crusaders and Inquisitors as they are to think about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln.

There is not one mention of Jews in the article or in the approved comments.

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