‘Shut your gob, boy, before I do it for you’

Pops emails:

Your poncey whingeing  over your  ejection from  shul  is wearing thin,  Sunny Jim.

First of all, your "Judaism" is and always has been a transparent scheme to shame your dear old dad and to garner superficial attention for yourself. Disgusting. You’re a fraud and the good Rabbi Union recognized that right off the bat.

Your current message that others in the shul write R-rated movies and such doesn’t hold much water. You need to stop dropping such outrageous clangers, boy. There’s a big difference between writing a movie script and doing what you do: spreading damaging gossip–often without any verifiable proof–and violating peoples’ privacy. That you do this under some misguided notion of ‘truth" is truly appalling. I’ve seen goannas, wallaroos and stone-age abos that had more developed senses of right and wrong.

In short, you need to seek the help of some sort of mental health professional…or add more Weet-Bix, legumes and roughage to your sugar-heavy,overly processed diet. Flush out the pipes, mate! It might do you some good.

You’d better start acting right, boy, and stop subjecting the fine Jewish people to your intrusions and chicanery. If you don’t, I swear by all that I hold dear and holy, that I will track you down and crack open your sternum with a camp hatchet and force feed you your own wizened heart. Don’t test me, Sunny Jim.

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