Blood and Politics: The History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream by Leonard Zeskind

The author is a Jewish anti-racist campaigner of many decades. His book nonetheless has received plaudits from white nationalists for its fairness. It’s the best book of its kind.

From pages 57-58:

William Pierce put it squarely. “A morality which damns the Germans for attempting to rid themselves of a pernicious infestation,” he wrote, would also “damn any attempt by White Americans to disinfect the cesspool of mongrelization.” The weight of genocide in Europe blocked its repetition in the United States.

Nevertheless, Pierce loathed Holocaust denial as it was practiced by Willis Cato. “There are reckless ‘revisionists’ who assert that no Jews were killed, solely for being Jews, by the German government,” Pierce scolded. “That is certainly not true.” He claimed to have talked with Nazi veterans who had assured him that they had shot Jews (solely for being Jews)…

“The ‘revisionist,’ the conservative, the right winer, the anti-Semite who canont face the Holocaust squarely and judge it on the basis of a higher morality,” Pierce wrote, “cannot, for example, cope successfully with the challenges to a White future which are presented by non-White immigration and by a high non-White birthrate.” One should not deny the industrialized murder of Jews, Pierce’s logic ran, because it may become necessary to repeat it on Jews and “nonwhites” in the future.

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