International Jewry Is A Power After All

Most groups tend to boast about their power when they feel that is to their advantage, and they tend to complain about their victimhood when they feel that is to their advantage.

From The Jew Accused: Three Anti-Semitic Affairs (Dreyfus, Beilis, Frank) 1894-1915:

Of perhaps even more pressing concern to [Czar] Nicholas and his high officials was their belief that a number of powerful Jewish financiers outside of Russia were working ever more openly, diligently, and effectively to deny the country the financial aid it sought. These were not entirely fantasies: A most tenacious and effective enemy of tsarist Russia was Jacob H. Schiff, the American financier. Schiff played a crucial role not only in denying the Russians the bonds they sought in the international market to finance the war, but even more decisively in providing financial support for Japan, which then so humiliatingly defeated Russia. In Great Britain Lucien Wolf, joined by the English Rothschilds, and in central Europe Paul Nathan led the efforts to isolate Russia both economically and diplomatically.

By this time American Jews, especially Schiff, had begun to claim the leading role in international Jewish affairs that would become so important as the century progressed… Schiff delighted in the way that he and other Jews had been able to humble the great Russian Empire. He boasted that after its humiliation in the Russo-Japanese War Russian had come to understand that “international Jewry is a power after all.” (Pg. 168-169)

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