How Do We Turn Around Dysgenic Trends?

I doubt this woman and her family mentioned below have good work skills and the type of character that most employers prefer. If we are going to pay their way cradle to grave, including for their incarceration when necessary, should we not require them to get sterilized, or do we want more of their ilk? I know too many people like this woman who’ve done little honest productive work in their lives, are not capable of such toil, are subsidized all their lives, and have off-spring in prison for violent crime. I may sound harsh, but I care more about the hard-workers who pay the bills in America and suffer at the hands of these cheats, thugs and murderers than I do about the cheats, thugs and murderers. We are suffering from severe dysgenic trends in the West. Should we just give up and hand over our sovereignty to China?

I am less concerned with Americans being nice than I am with Americans surviving as a distinct people with their own distinct civilization. In short, I care about Americans in a similar way to how I care about Jews. I want both peoples to flourish free of outside interference. The more we give to the unproductive, the less we have to give to preserve our own way of life. Charity should begin at home.

In a universal and divine sense, there is no superior race, but distinct groups and cultures and countries have the right to act in their self-interest and to require that their minority residents either carry their weight or lose privileges.


The compassion shown by Officer William Stacy to desperate Alabama mother Helen Johnson captured the nation’s attention at a time of strained relations between the police and black Americans.
Instead of arresting her for stealing five eggs to feed her starving family on Saturday, Stacy bought the carton and the touching hug they shared afterwards caught on video by a stunned passer-by went viral.
But it got even better on Wednesday when Officer Stacy and some colleagues arrived at 47-year-old Johnson’s home with two truckloads of food to keep her and her children and grandchildren fed through Christmas.

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