The Power Of Face To Face Discussions About Difficult Issues

NYT: “Gay political canvassers can soften the opinions of voters opposed to same-sex marriage by having a brief, face-to-face discussion about the issue, researchers reported on Thursday. The findings could have implications for activists and issues across the political spectrum, experts said.”

Well, what about for whites? If more white people became public about having a strong white identity and displayed commitment to their people as Jews show for Jews and blacks for blacks and Chinese for Chinese and gays have for gays, what could that do for the cause of minority whites in California and elsewhere?

In the world today, people who care about white interests are regarded as scum. What if they happened to be as nice as gays? As out as gays? As proud as gays?

We have the new movie Meet the Mormons, putting a human face on Mormons. What about Meet the Whites, putting a human face on whites who care about white people?

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