May God save the children of Israel from their leaders

When NYPD Chief William Bratton leaves, and his policies are rolled back, and the crime and chaos begins like before, remember tonight, rabosai.

Just like the chasidim, the neo-chasidim pay no heed to rational thinking or reality. Like the regular chasidim, the ones who riot in Israel over nothing, the neo-chasidim care not about overreacting or a measured response. The self-righteous rebbe wants to show the other rebbes and chasidim how fahfrumpt he is. Ain huchi numi [so too here also].

If one wants to see an example of “big Jews killing little Jews,” to paraphrase Farrakhan, one need to look no further than tonight’s outbursts and demands appropriate for an overly idealistic sixteen year old.

“End broken windows policing!” They cry. “Broken windows = broken lives!” They insist.

May God save the children of Israel from their leaders.

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