The Japanese Work Ethic

A major reason, I suspect, that Japan has such a low unemployment rate is that the Japanese have a big work ethic. They like to work and to conduct themselves in an honorable way. When they have a disaster in Japan, the Japanese don’t use it as an opportunity to loot. They are the opposite of New Orleans blacks, for instance.

Lawyers tend to be race realists. They’ll note that WASP, German and Japanese clients are the most likely to show up on time, to cancel in advance if needed, and they are the most reluctant to abuse worker’s compensation and the like.

East-Asians are the most fearful and the least likely group to want to go to court. Blacks are the least fearful.

After an injury, Japanese-Americans tend to be the first back to work and blacks, in general, tend to be the last.

When charged with a crime, East-Asians are the most likely group to say, “I will accept my punishment.” That’s about the most common thing they’ll say in this circumstance say my friends who are prosecutors. Blacks are the most likely to blame whitey and to be disrespectful.

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