A Jewish View Of Replacement Theology

On Oct. 31, 2014, Dennis Prager took a call from Arthur, who said: “I disagree with your characterization of Replacement Theology as anti-Semitic.”

Dennis: “Did I say anti-Semitic? It’s theological embezzlement. Replacement theology means that every time it says Israel in the Old Testament, it means the Christian church.”

“If I said to you, every time it says ‘Jesus Christ’ in the New Testament, it really means Mohammed, what would you say?”

Arthur: “I would find that ridiculous.”

Dennis: “I find Replacement Theology as ridiculous as you find that. And thank goodness Muslims don’t say that.”

“It ended up having terrible consequences for the Jews. They no longer had any connection to God. They were just children of the Devil.”

My father, the Christian theologian, spoke about Replacement Theology.

I grew up as a Seventh-Day Adventist thinking that Jews, for all intents and purposes, had disappeared, replaced by the Church. I grew up thinking that Christians were the real Jews, the true Jews, God’s Jews and that what the world called Jews were atheist imposters. I never knowingly met a Jew until UCLA (though later in life, I realized that a guy I worked with at KAHI/KHYL radio circa 1986 was Jewish).

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