NYT: Chinese and South Korean Students Face Fallout From Suspicions of SAT Cheating

Report: “The announcement by administrators of the SAT college entrance test that scores are being withheld for students from China and South Korea who took the exam earlier this month has infuriated many and raised anxiety about what for a number of them is a high-stakes college application process.”

I am sure they only cheat on SAT tests and nowhere else in life. Let’s bring more of them to America.

Chaim Amalek writes: “This is part of the reason why fewer and fewer American kids are to be found studying engineering in American schools. Also, the security of the test of english as a foreign language that these students often also must take is a complete joke. Near illiterates manage to gain admission to American schools, thereby displacing our own people, in part because they score well on these hopelessly compromised tests. But don’t look to any of our politicians, either Republican or Democrat, or to our corporate elites to call for anything except more immigration of them and displacement of us. America, these people have been betraying us for thirty years.”

Alex: “I remember the Chinese in college. Couldn’t form a sentence in English yet graduated from medical school. I wonder if I would be able to add MD to my name without knowing English.”

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