Breaking The Family Trance

When you think you’ve changed through therapy and workshops, go home for the holidays and see what happens when your family pushes your buttons.

Therapist Jerry Wise: “All of us grow up in families in which we are hypnotically induced to accept the norms of our family.”

“The deepest trance you’ll be in is in your family trance.”

“It’s not something we notice because it is a trance, but once it is broken, you see you were really in a trance.”

“Kids are highly suggestible because they are so dependent upon family.”

“A parent’s feelings become the reality for children.”

“As we get older, we can try to have our own reality, but that is hard if you are still under the trance of a dysfunctional family.”

“A family trance is the emotional paradigm we grew up with. These givens are the glasses through which we see the world.”

“It’s possible to break your family trance but it is not an easy thing to do alone. Fish don’t see the water. It’s not easy to see your water.”

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