Strong Group Identity Always Brings With It Group Contempt For Outsiders

I’ve been arguing with Orthodox Jewish friends who want an Orthodox Judaism that does not have contempt for non-Jews.

It’s not possible, I tell them. Sure, you can have individual Orthodox Jews who are strong in their Jewish identity and non-contemptuous to non-Jews, but as a group, Orthodox Jews are always going to feel varying degrees of contempt for non-Orthodox Jews and non-Jews. It’s inherent in group identity. If you believe that you are living God’s will, that your group is the best, by definition all other groups are not the best and not living out God’s plan as much as you are.

To have a strong group identity and to not feel contempt for outsiders requires a high IQ. It’s a unique combination of traits akin to juggling balls and discussing philosophy at the same time. Not many people can do it.

I grew up a Seventh-Day Adventist with a strong Adventist identity. Accompanying my strong group identity was the feeling and belief that outsiders were lost. Sure, some of them might still inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, but they weren’t among God’s elect, God’s Chosen. That was reserved for Seventh-Day Adventists.

There’s never been a strong group identity that did not carry with it general group contempt for outsiders. When Germans were strong in being German, they had varying degrees of fear, loathing and contempt for outsiders such as Jews and slavs and the French, etc. When the French felt strongly about being French, they had, as a group, a tendency towards contempt for the non-French. When the Commanches were strong in being Commanche, they had, as a group, contempt for outsiders.

When Jews say things like the following, it’s never a compliment for non-Jews:

* He’s thinking like a goy.
* That’s goyisha kup (Gentile thinking).
* What a goy!

The stronger a Jew feels about being Jewish, the more a Christian feels in Christ, the more a Muslim feels Islamic, the more contempt he is likely to feel for outsiders.

I have an Orthodox Jewish friend who decided to start wearing colored shirts on Sabbath. Normally, Orthodox Jewish men wear white shirts on the Sabbath. My friend was sick of the contempt he’s seen displayed towards non-Jews by Orthodox Jews and so he wants to make a statement that he is not like those contemptuous white-shirted Orthodox Jews. By dropping the uniform to express his universal tolerance, he’s reducing his group identity and has taken a step towards assimilation.

Uniforms are a kin component of group solidarity. Imagine how much weaker the KKK would be if they stopped wearing their uniforms. Imagine how much weaker the SS would have been if they dropped their uniforms. Imagine how much weaker Islamic identity would be without distinctive Islamic garb.

Liberal Jews omit the following lines from the Aleinu prayer: “For they worship vanity and emptiness, and pray to a god who cannot save.” Traditional Jews say the lines just as they were written hundreds of years ago. These lines express contempt for the prayers of non-Jews. Now, if I were doing Jewish apologetics, I’d say that these lines were composed with pagans in mind, not the righteous non-Jews of today, but between you and me, we know that this still expresses Jewish contempt for non-Jewish religions, just as non-Jewish religions express contempt in varying ways for religions different from their own.

Christians, Muslims and Jews have always, on average, despised each other.

Bigotry, racism, prejudice and anti-Semitism are not useful concepts. You will think more clearly when you replace such nonsense with the idea that different groups have different interests. Germans who loved being German prior to WWII saw that they had to get rid of the Jews if they wanted a truly Aryan state. Arabs and Muslims around Israel see that they have to get rid of the Jewish state for as long as Jews are around them and living free, they will excel them and that’s humiliating. As long as Jews were free in Germany in large numbers, they were going to affect society in ways that Aryan Germans would not like.

Organized Jewish life in the United States (including the Orthodox Union and Agudas Yisrael) has pushed for immigration amnesty because they see it (unconsciously in many cases) in the Jews’ interest for the white goyim to lose control of the United States. Organized Jewish life pushed for the removal of prayer in public schools in America because a weakened goyisha religious identity was thought to be in the Jewish interest. Jews have been at the forefront (through the Frankfurt school etc) of claiming that there is no meaning to race. This weakens the goy’s racial identity. Jews have been at the forefront of denouncing nationalism because that weakens the goy’s national identity and thus makes life easier for the Jews (who retain their own nationalism and Zionism).

All of these agendas pushed by the Jewish community (not by every individual Jew) have been contrary to the interests of white Americans. White Americans and black Americans and Mexican-Americans and Jewish-Americans have competing interests and this inevitably leads to conflict.

In the struggle for scarce resources, groups with the most solidarity have a big advantage. By weakening the group identities of non-Jews racially, religiously and nationally around the Western world, an agenda pushed primarily by Ashkenazi Jews on the left (and often adopted in toto by the organized Jewish community) over the past 200 years, Jews with their superior solidarity have done better than the goyim, except for the times when the goyim caught on to what was happening and fought back.

Over the past 600 years, Ashkenazi Jews in Europe have, on average, lived better than their non-Jewish neighbors (most have been in white collar jobs) because they had higher IQs and superior group solidarity.

Kevin MacDonald tells Tom Sunic about Gilad Atzmon: “These core Jews who run the Jewish community set the boundaries and anyone outside of that gets a label as a self-hating Jew, an anti-Semite. Atzmon asks, why were Jews hated so much throughout history? Now that is something you cannot ask as a Jew and still be considered part of the Jewish community.”

“People who agree with me politically, we often talk about white people as self-hating whites. This guilt that white people have. We excoriate them for that. You’re just self-hating. We’re trying to draw the same sort of boundaries. We want to develop a community of people who are strongly identifying and we want to have labels for those who are not on page… It’s something that any strongly identifying in-group has to do.”

“People who are anti-Jewish love it when they can find a Jew who fits with their point of view. They enjoy citing Jewish authors who are critical of Jews in some way.”

“Jews in general do not want non-Jews meddling in their affairs. Jews certainly write about Europeans and they analyze European culture. Part of the problem I’ve always had in getting my books accepted is that Jews do not want to deal with the fact that someone else is analyzing them.”

“It’s a marker of how intensely their group is defended. They just don’t want criticism. If the criticism is going to come from anyone, it is going to come from the inside who make most of the assumptions they would have. There are very few Jews who are truly renegade Jews.”

“If I were to write Atzmon’s book, it would be ignored more than if Atzmon wrote it because he is Jewish and he has all these Jewish contacts.”

“Atzmon is aware that if anti-Semitism did not exist, strongly identifying Jews would have to create it. Zionism is maintained by anti-Semitism. The perception of anti-Semitism creates a bunker mentality that justifies everything… When a group is under threat, they become more bonded to each other. There’s a stronger in-group sense. They become really defensive. It’s a very good strategy. As a result, Israel is beset. The people around them, these Muslim societies, don’t like Israel at all. And a lot of it is because of Israeli behavior. At the same time, all this hatred produces a sense of threat, which then justifies everything they do. For example, the Holocaust could be used as an excuse for attacking Iran. You attack Iran because Iran is supposedly threatening Jews with extinction. It justifies anything.”

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