ESPN 30 For 30: Ghosts Of Ole Miss

Steve Sailer notes that sports writers tend to be the most politically correct writers around because they are faced constantly with obvious racial differences but to keep their jobs, they have to ignore that.

I enjoy the the ESPN documentary series 30 for 30, but it slants left.

This particular episode is based on an article by Wright Thompson, Mississippi native, who begins: “When I was 5 or 6, because of my dad’s political activism in the Mississippi Delta, local white supremacists burned a cross in our front yard. My parents had a decision to make: Wake me up or let me sleep. They chose sleep. On that night, hate and fear would not be passed to another generation.”

Notice how whites are the only group who are not allowed to think of themselves as supreme. Jews believe they are God’s Chosen People, the Japanese believe that the sun rises first on Japan and then goes to the rest of the world, the Chinese believe that China is the center of the earth, and every group thinks of itself as the greatest and looks at the world through a lens in which they finish first, but the only group who are bad to do this are whites. Jewish supremacists, black supremacists, Mexican supremacists, Japanese supremacists are all fine and dandy, but white supremacists are evil. I don’t buy this. I accept that it is natural, healthy and good for every individual and every group to think of itself as supreme.

I don’t think I ever seek anything for my group that I would not want for other groups (such as organizing in their self-interest and protecting their territory and culture).

I don’t see burning a cross on a front lawn as any more heinous than Jews spitting at Christians in Jerusalem and the other things that people do to assert the hegemony of their group in a particular place. It is natural, healthy and good for a group to want to protect its own turf and if you are an outsider and want to dwell on somebody else’s turf, you should be very careful to follow the customs of the town (as the Talmud advises). To try to revolutionize a town’s social order is asking for trouble. When Jews in the South pushed for civil rights for blacks, that caused a backlash against Jews (which often stopped when Jews stopped upsetting the apple cart).

Thompson wrote: “On that night, hate and fear would not be passed to another generation.”

That’s nonsense. It is inhuman to live without fear and hate. If you have values, people and acts that are antithetical to your values are feared and hated.

Thompson wrote: “In the years that followed, my parents raised my brother and me to leave old prejudices behind. They enforced strict rules that made our home something of an oasis. Respect all people. Understand other points of view. And, of course, no N-word, ever, under any circumstance.”

Does that include having empathy for southern whites whose civilization was being destroyed by Civil Rights? Should you really respect all people? What about shoplifters, rapists, torturers and murderers? What about adopting “prejudices” about different peoples that are purely in line with the facts, such as that blacks are more likely to commit than whites and orientals? What about the prejudice that it is dangerous for blacks or whites to live in a black neighborhood? What about the prejudice that rape and other crime rates will go way up when you let blacks into your school?

As an Orthodox Jew, I want Israel and Jerusalem to be as Jewish as possible. I want all policy questions settled on the basis of what is good for Jews. I want all Arabs and Muslims to leave Israel. I want Jews around the world to think in terms of — what is good for Jews?

I want the same thing for all peoples. I want whites to maintain white civilization. I want blacks to develop their own unique talents. I want Korea to stay Korean and Japan to stay Japanese.

In the case of the America, I want it to stay dominantly white and Protestant, just like the people who founded the United States. The American South developed a particular way of life that clearly separated white and black. That’s a natural and healthy way of living. I love the old Southern ways.

In this documentary, whites rioting in 1962 to protect their white way of life is regarded as a shameful thing, but when Jews in Israel riot to protest in 2012 to protest African illegal immigrants, that does not get the same attention.

The Jerusalem Post reports: “Police arrested a total of 17 people during and after a protest against African migrants in south Tel Aviv Wednesday night. The arrests were made for rioting, attempted assault, possession of knives and looting store fronts.”

I wonder who controls the narrative?

Thompson writes: “A young politician named William Winter looks around and feels like a stranger. How can this be happening? The crowd shakes with indignation, the air filling with Rebel yells, from the mouths of doctors and bankers and lawyers and priests, and Winter thinks: So this must be what a Nazi rally felt like.”

All nationalisms require a willingness to commit genocide. That’s not unique to the Nazis. Jewish nationalism requires a commitment to kill as many people as necessary to preserve the Jewish state. Jews had to kill to create Israel and as long as Arabs keep attacking Israel, Jews will keep killing Arabs.

When you gather with your people and you feel the world turned against you, that induces pre-traumatic syndrome. It’s a powerful recipe for uniting a group and getting it ready to do whatever it takes to survive.

In nature, you’ll never find more than one sub-specie in the same place.

James Meredith, the first black student at Ole Miss, went on to work for David Duke.

In this documentary, he equates himself with God and exudes an Obama-like calm.

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