Why Do Men & Women Lie?

Alison Armstrong tells Dennis Prager: “We’re born liars.

“There are three main instincts that humans share with all other critters and there’s an order: Procreate, protect, provide.”

“We’ll do dangerous things to procreate that we would not do to protect and to provide.”

“The masculine will lie to fulfill his sex drive. There’s deception, exaggeration, manipulation. That gets a lot of press.”

“There’s not as much of a stink that women do this equally. It’s just different. Our procreative drive shows up less in sex than in being all about babies. We’ll lie about using birth control to get pregnant. We’ll lie about the father of our babies to get the best one to provide and protect for our babies. We steal babies.”

“We’ll lie to protect ourselves from the things we fear such as fear, abandonment. We’ll lie to fit in.”

“When we love someone, when we’re strongly attracted to someone, we will be more likely to lie.”

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