Jews, Mel & War

IN 2006, according to a police report, Hollywood star Mel Gibson asked the arresting officer if he was Jewish and then said: “F**king Jews. The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

When you really truly hate people, such as Jews, you say stupid things like this.

Until WWII, the United States had a strong isolationist streak. After WWII, that attitude was portrayed as irresponsible and America become the world’s policeman. Today, the average American strikes me as uninterested in invading more countries. American Jews, overall, don’t care much about Israel. A minority of American Jews, however, care more about Israel than about America. Speaking as a converted member of the tribe, let me tell you that it’s exciting to have your own country in the Middle East. It’s better than rooting for your favorite football team.

Jews who care about Israel are going to push for the United States to become more involved in the world and to funnel aid to Israel and to support Israel against its enemies and to want to flatten Israel’s enemies with American might. Ironically, as Steve Sailer points out, the more the United States becomes involved in the Middle East, the less it can afford to be strongly allied with Israel. Without other involvements, the US can relate to Israel as a charity case.

So would 9/11 have happened without the U.S. involvement with Israel? I doubt it. Would America have invaded Afghanistan without Jewish neo-conservatives pushing for it? Yes. Would America have invaded Iraq in 2003 without this? Yes. These wars were not the fault of the Jews.

A Jewish friend says about America:

We’d be involved in the mideast for sure since they have oil. But it is a mistake to blame all of our foreign misadventures on the Jews. Did “the Jews” irresistibly command LBJ to send 500,000 Americans to Vietnam? Also plenty of Jews opposed the war in Iraq. The man who sent Americans there was a WASP Christian, not a Jew. All of our involvement in avoidable wars has been contrived by WASPS. All of them. Perhaps we should ask “Would America have squandered its strength had Jews been running the place?”

Another Jewish friend says:

Until recently Jews lacked the influence to shape any nation’s policies regarding war.

It is also questionable whether the U.S. never participated in wars until the 20th century.

In 1804 we fought the Barbary pirates in North Africa.

In 1812 we initiated the War of 1812 to annex Canada.

In 1846 we fought the Mexican war leading to the annexation of much of the Southwest United States including where we live today.

In 1898 we fought the Spanish American war which allowed the U.S. to claim Puerto Rico and the Phillipines as colonies. (and then we fought a several year guerilla war in the Phillipines itself)

I don’t think Jews were behind any of these wars.

Of the major historical battles, from the Persian-Greek wars up through Trafalgar and Waterloo, I don’t think there was any significant Jewish involvement. (although Napoleon did liberate the Jews from ghettos in countries the French conquered as part of his public position that he was the successor leader of the French Revolution.) (and as a result of his own sources for private intelligence on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild, made a financial killing on the outcome)

Jews were not involved in the American Revolution, nor the French Revolution, nor in any of the internal struggles of England in the battles for succession between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I, or when Oliver Cromwell took power, or during the Jacobin struggles or Germany, either when Prussia became the dominant state and Germany was unified. Jews had been expelled from Spain in 1492 and played no role in the expansion of the Spanish Empire. The Dutch, German, English, Spanish and French empires with their vast overseas colonies, many of which were conquered militarily, were not engineered by Jews or Jewish interests.

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