Protestant Countries Are Particularly Vulnerable To Political Correctness

British thinker Derek Turner says: “Political correctness derives from the 1960s and the University of California Berkeley campus and then extended across the Western world. Protestant countries are particularly susceptible to it because of the guilt complex built into Calvinism and Presbyterianism. It is more deep-seated in Northern Europe, America, Canada, and Australia than Italy and Spain. I understand the term was first used by Trotsky in the 1920s.”

“There’s a great temptation among conservatives to want to have lost. There’s a gothic sensibility, that I am the last of my type. It’s an exciting romantic image, a want to be defeated. I’m drawn that way myself.”

“Conservatives are naturally melancholic and want to believe the worst. The neo-conservatives tend to be more upbeat and utopian. That’s one of the reasons we dislike them so much because they’re extraordinarily naive.”

“Islam is already under siege [in Europe]. I see nothing wrong with Islam in its own right but it poses difficulties to Christendom (aka the West). The history of our confrontation is an unfortunate one.”

“Every European country has a folk memory of Islamic subjugation… I don’t think Islam belongs in Europe.”

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