Dating Tips For Men

Rabbi Gil Student writes:

  • Dating Tips for Men: link

    Hmmmm, I guess “What’s your sign?” doesn’t cut it any more. Dr. Pelcovitz, Rabbi Twersky and Rabbi Sobolofsky discuss issues that aiui have come up through YU’s “connectors” (nice name) of currently singles looking for love in all the right places. (reviewed at Steve Brizel’s request!)

    R’ Twersky’s audio quality suffered greatly to laryngitis. IIUC he differentiated between Talmudic patterns and current based on societal differences (e.g. get job first?). Must be emotionally ready and some plan for future (doesn’t need to be carved in stone). R’Sobolofsky points out that “lists” are for cheftza’s not gavra’s, need sensitivity and derech eretz. If you agreed to a date, go, even if you called and didn’t get good vibe (my term). Get back to people one way or another. Take friends advice with a grain of salt (especially if it’s “she’s absolutely not shayach” with no real backup) and be careful who you go to for advice during dating (me – would you trust this person to buy a used car? J), including parents (but don’t write them off because they’re not as “frum” as you – I write with an ironic grin). Don’t overdo the advance questions. (me- kach mkublani mbeit avi abba – be a mentch!)

    Dr. Pelcowitz spoke of developing a shared vision. Don’t expect to be head over heels or nothing. Even in the outside world more young people remain financially dependent on parents (me – chukat hagoyim issue?). Importance of two-way communications.

  • Rabbi Aaron Rakeffet-Rothkoff – early maariv minyan in Hillcrest: link

    Discussion of microphones, Meiri’s introduction into halacha, davening/tfillin before zman (holocaust related as well) and Maariv after plag (Hillcrest Minyan) as a shaat hadchak

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