‘What do you think Luke of Israelis who emigrate to places like L.A. or in some cases, Berlin?’

From the perspective of Torah, Jews are not supposed to move from Israel. It is a descent from a more holy place to a less holy place. So, yes, I think it’s sad when Israelis move from Israel to places where life is easier. On the other hand, people do what they want to do, or do what they need to do, so who are we to judge blah blah?

Chaim: “Israel is now quite densely packed with Jews and Arabs (I am not referring to the so-called West Bank), and it really does not have room enough for all the world’s Jews or even, perhaps, all the world’s Israelis. Unless, of course, its borders are expanded as indicated on the above maps and ethnically cleansed of the arabs. Which will never ever happen.”

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