Could somebody please explain to me the Ashkenazi discussion style?

As I encounter it, the Ashkenazi discussion style is usually heavy on personal attack tending to the complete and utter destruction of the opposing person, it is usually filled with contempt, “Nazi” is one of the first slurs thrown, and the Ashkenazi argument style usually has nothing to do with the topic at hand but instead aims at intimidation of anyone who disagrees by threatening them with complete annihilation, even if the argument is over sports or the weather.

This email I received is representative of this style: “You went to speak to the John Birch Society? Dude, I recommend you join AA and speak to a 12 step meeting, it would serve a better purpose. The Birchers are unrepentant white people who think that being a white christian anglo saxon protestant somehow makes one morally superior over all others. Kind of like right wing orthodox judaism but the difference is that they do not have a 5000 year tradition of higher IQ, survival against genocides, and the birchers have this irritating desire to spread the message to anyone who will listen – orthodox jews just speak about world domination at the shabbos table. You must be getting desperate for facetime in front of intellectuals, or pseudo intellectuals. Maybe you should join Ikar the pseudo affiliated jews of the westside.”

I love this phrase, “unrepentant white people.” So all white people should be sorry for being white? Every group with spirit and ambition (from Jews to the Japanese) believes it is morally superior. That’s a good thing. You can’t have a proud people if they don’t feel a special calling aka superiority. Jews don’t have a 5000 year tradition, Abraham goes back at most 4000 years. We don’t have much reason to believe that Jews had superior IQs back to Moses. The civilizations they created, aside from their writings, weren’t spectacular. Everybody who believes in their values tries to get out the word.

As for the Ashkenazi style of arguing, I’m told:

David: “Also known as point and sputter.”
Jack*: “What is it with you people?”

I find the origins of this discussion style in the Torah when the Jewish people, after the Exodus from Egypt, complain to God it would have been better if they had never left Egypt because in Egypt there were leeks.

Chaim: Please provide examples of this. Are we talking online or in real life, off-line? Who tried this on you in real life? I’ve not encountered it. Online, yes, but online is not real life.

I see it from youngish gentile white hipster types defending their diversity creed. But isn’t this what goyim call self righteousness when they use it? I think you are encountering it with some Jewish characteristics as an overlay.

Counter-arguments: “Jews like you paved the way for Hitler by driving the goyim into a corner.”

“Calling your opponents Nazis is beyond the pale. Shame on you!”

“That’s how the Nazis fought their enemies. By damning all who disagreed with them as Bolsheviks. I expect better of a Jew.”

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