The Japanese Connection To White Nationalism

Two of America’s leading white nationalists — Jared Taylor and William Daniel Johnson — are fluent in Japanese, have lived in Japan, and do business with the Japanese. Other white people I know who are conversant in Japanese are also at ease with white nationalism (and other types of nationalism).

What is going on here? The Japanese are unabashedly nationalistic. They think the Japanese are the greatest people on earth. They divide the world’s population into two groups — the Japanese and outsiders.

At first for a westerners, this nationalism is off-putting, but once you understand it and see the harmonious way of life it produces, you want the same sort of thing for your own society (the blessings of homogeneity).

It’s similar to the Orthodox Jewish approach to life. People are either Jews or goyim. Jews are the good guys. You wake up thinking about Jews, you go through the day thinking about Jews, and you go to sleep thinking about Jews. All of your closest friends are Jewish. The goyim are fine for instrumental purposes such as for doing business and for carrying our bags.

Many Orthodox Jews I know are sympathetic to white nationalism and view themselves as white and they prefer the company of whites (rather than that of Sephardic and Persian Jews). They read websites such as Stormfront and they wish that whites would get their act together and stop importing so many Muslims and third-worlders. These Jews view Muslims as more of a threat to their well-being than white nationalists.

Jared Taylor writes for VDARE: “Most Japanese are determined to find solutions that do not involve importing foreigners because they are deeply attached to their ancient, subtle culture. They believe that only native-born Japanese can understand or maintain it.”

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